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    Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.


    Join us for the 2023 Tecsys User Conference to maximize the value out of your Tecsys Elite™ software and discover new ways to achieve your supply chain goals through educational content and peer insights.


    Equip your warehouse with emerging automation solutions


    With several warehouse automation systems now in existence, Tecsys can help you select, evaluate and implement the right technology for your business needs.

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    Harness the power of a distribution supply chain platform


    Elite™ Enterprise is a digitally enabled, end-to-end platform that takes a distributor’s supply chain operations from good to great. Our visual, agile, scalable and extendable supply chain solutions enable you to deliver value to your customers.

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    Take control of your health system supply chain


    Elite™ Healthcare is the only supply chain platform that brings end-to-end centralized, comprehensive control to the healthcare supply chain. Discover why world-class healthcare supply chains run on Tecsys.

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    Power your omnichannel fulfillment


    Omni™ Retail is end-to-end retail fulfillment platform that creates seamless shopping experiences for your customers and cost controls for your business with. Our easily integrated solutions are scalable to support your brand aspirations and maximize your profits

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    Supply chain solutions for your industry

    With decades of supply chain experience, we create clarity out of operational complexity.

    Always meet your customers’ needs

    Transform your supply chain into a customer satisfaction machine.

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    The right order, on time, everytime

    Take your first steps towards efficient, always-accurate operations, both in the warehouse and during delivery.

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    Total control over your supply chain

    Drive savings and standardization with complete visibility into your healthcare supply chain.

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    Tecsys helps industry leaders transform their supply chains

    The missing piece of the puzzle was a truly consolidated software platform that marries the clinical with the back office, eliminating those performance gaps that exist when one system ends and the next one picks up where that one left off.

    - Betty Jo Rocchio, CRNA, MS, Mercy’s Vice President, Perioperative Performance Acceleration

    Recognized for our excellence


    What does the future of your supply chain look like?

    Your business is at an inflection point — seize this opportunity to transform, clarify and revolutionize your supply chain.

    Join the new class of industry leaders and revolutionize your supply chain

    Tecsys doesn’t just support your supply chain; we help transform businesses from good to great. Join our customers and build a new kind of supply chain.

    Taking Aetrex from paper-based to a fully automated warehouse operation

    With ambitious goals in mind, footwear manufacturer Aetrex turned to Tecsys' warehouse management system to become a global leader in orthopedic footwear.


    Increase in volume


    Increase in inventory accuracy


    Reduction in costs

    A clinically integrated supply chain in perioperative services at Mercy

    Mercy was struggling with the manual oversight of their perioperative supplies, leading to loss of time, patient safety risks and high costs. Today, Mercy uses Tecsys to intelligently automate their supply chain, saving costs and lives.


    Supplies saved


    Improved clinician satisfaction


    Reduction in OR turnover

    Maturing demand planning practices for Abilene Machine

    The farming industry is a precarious one, and those who serve it need to be as efficient as possible; Abilene Machine uses Tecsys to reduce inventories without negatively impacting customer service or production scheduling.


    Growth in revenue


    Reduction in inventory


    Increase in revenue by employee

    Leading the way with order consolidation at Browns Shoes

    Given its vast product selection, Browns Shoes needed to leverage merchandise from any location immediately. Tecsys' Omni™ OMS solution enabled the retailer to utilize its full inventory regardless of location — all while maintaining a great customer experience.


    Improved order fulfillment accuracy


    Reduction in overall order lead time


    Order-to-fulfillment cycle

    Increasing profitability and customer satisfaction at Cleveland Brothers CAT

    As one of the largest Caterpillar dealers, Cleveland Brothers needed to support both management and distribution, but also provide staff with real-time visibility and tracking. Tecsys’ Elite WMS has made this possible, and more.


    Increase in order accuracy


    Savings in labor costs


    Fill rate

    Concord Hospital boosts performance at the point of use

    Concord Hospital was finding difficulty recovering valuable resource time, optimizing inventory levels and increasing supply usage visibility. Implementing Tecsys’ Elite™ Healthcare POU solution ensured maintenance of reliable stock levels and accurate demand assessments.


    Returned in clinical time


    Reduction in on-hand inventory value


    Decrease in cost of wasted stock

    Maximizing patient care at Munson Healthcare

    To maximize time spent on patient care, Munson Healthcare found that capturing charges and consumption directly at the point of use was paramount to success. Using Tecsys’ Elite™ Healthcare POU, time spent on supply replenishment as well as manual transcription has drastically decreased.  


    Increase on charge captured


    Reduction of inventory per year


    Average elimination in supply cost billing corrections per month 

    Streamlining business process at North Mississippi Health Service

    NMHS’s management was looking for ways to keep costs in line. Tecsys’ Elite™ Healthcare WMS solution not only effectively streamlined business processes, but managed inventory to drive dramatic cost saving — all while delivering superior customer service.


    Reduction of backorders


    Total mis-picks


    Increase in fill rate

    Delivering quality health products at the right price LifeScience Logistics

    LifeScience Logistics needed to provide healthcare manufacturers with unique, regulatory-compliant distribution facilities and processes. With Tecsys ’ Elite™ Healthcare WMS solution, LSL on behalf of their clients are able to deliver well-priced healthcare products without sacrificing quality.


    Increase in inventory accuracy


    Increase in fill rate

    Increased workforce productivity and reached an optimal level of efficiency and picking accuracy.