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    Tecsys enables healthcare providers to enhance patient care and operational efficiency through streamlined inventory processes, advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies, facilitating cost management, standardization, product tracking and end-to-end supply chain control.

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    Scalable and adaptable supply chain solutions for every healthcare setting

    From the warehouse to clinical and pharmacy environments, healthcare organizations can optimize supply chain processes, ensure timely delivery of critical supplies and achieve operational excellence all while prioritizing patient care.


    Consolidated Service Center

    A CSC is a strategic investment for healthcare supply chain leaders seeking to achieve enterprise-wide visibility and control of inventory. By establishing a CSC, your healthcare organization can centralize and standardize your purchasing, warehousing, transportation and distribution processes, resulting in streamlined operations, increased efficiency and substantial cost savings. The CSC serves as a centralized hub that brings comprehensive control to your healthcare supply chain, ensuring seamless management from source to patient. With real-time data, analytics and a consolidated approach, you can make informed decisions, optimize inventory management, and improve your overall operational performance. 

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    Hospital Supply Chain

    As a healthcare supply chain leader, whether in acute care, pediatrics, long-term hospitals, etc., it's imperative to recognize the many advantages that adopting a unified supply chain platform technology can offer. This platform technology presents a centralized and integrated system that unites diverse facets of the supply chain, encompassing critical areas like inventory management, procurement, logistics and data analytics. It also introduces scalability and flexibility, affording hospitals the capability to adeptly respond to evolving demands while seamlessly integrating with other intricate healthcare systems. By harnessing the potential of this platform technology, you can achieve heightened visibility, operational efficiency, and collaborative synergy across the entire supply chain, yielding refined processes, cost efficiencies, and ultimately, an elevated standard of patient care in both acute care and pediatric settings.

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    Using technology to enhance supply chain practices, generating significant improvements, should be one of your priorities as a hospital pharmacy leader. By leveraging technology, such as advanced inventory management systems, automated ordering and tracking tools, and real-time analytics, you can achieve enhanced efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in your supply chain operations. Technology enables streamlined inventory management, ensuring optimal stock levels, reducing wastage, and minimizing the risk of medication shortages. Moreover, it empowers you with valuable data insights, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive planning. By embracing technology, you can elevate your supply chain practices, enhance patient safety and deliver high-quality care while optimizing resource allocation and operational performance. 

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    We need to start managing cost per case in the OR where we know the cost of the products as the surgeon selects them. The Tecsys OR inventory management solution does that for us — we know the cost of every single item in the OR. It enables the surgeon to make a decision that supports high quality care while being sensitive to the limitations on resources to which we are managing.

    - Betty Jo Rocchio, Senior Vice President, System Chief Nursing Officer