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    Distributor Supply Chain Solutions


    With Tecsys, you’re empowered to face the disruptive challenges of today’s distribution environment. Equip yourself with a supply chain management solution that enhances your complex processes and workflows.


    Trusted by distribution leaders

    A solution that transforms  your unique supply chain

    Tecsys helps distributors across multiple verticals and industries adapt to changing demands and strategically scale your operations.


    3PLs like you are faced with endless competitive pressures due to higher customer expectations,  and increased costs coupled with a lack of available people, transportation and space resources. With the current environment adding uncertainty and complexity to logistics, you must up your game to provide greater responsiveness, visibility and accuracy while being cost competitive. At the same time, you need to do this while trying to serve multiple types of customers with variations in competitive strategies.

    How we can help
    Healthcare Distributors

    Distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and health care solutions are responsible for ensuring the well-being of the people in the markets that they serve. As a healthcare distributor, this responsibility to your stakeholders means extra care needs to be taken at every stage of the supply chain process, which includes fulfillment and distribution.  It is during these complex processes where management of the supply chain is most critical. Weaknesses or failure at any point in the chain can compromise product integrity, breach security, delay shipments and ultimately result in financial losses or liabilities. 

    How we can help
    Electrical Distributors

    As an electrical products distributor, you face new challenges every minute of every day. You might need to deliver to contractors before dawn, work with industrial suppliers, OEMs and consumers, and answer calls for urgent pickups. In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, your supply chain’s warehouse operation must be able to handle complexity, as well as deliver value-added services. 

    How we can help
    Parts Suppliers

    For parts suppliers, optimized warehouse operations are a vital asset. In today’s world, a combination of best practices and platform technology helps world-class distribution organizations attain market differentiation, eliminate inefficiencies, improve order accuracy, reduce operating costs and provide high levels of service. As a parts distributor, you need to offer exceptional parts service and management, improve relationships between your warehouse and shop, and reduce wait times for your will-call customers. Throw in factors like labor shortages, and the pressure on warehouse operations is greater than ever

    How we can help

    As an importer or manufacturer of consumer products, having an efficient
    supply chain that links your people to customers and suppliers is a crucial part of your wholesale distribution strategy. To operate in an increasingly complex supply chain environment, wholesalers like you need a strong fulfillment infrastructure to support multiple go-to-market strategies and provide internal stakeholders with the tools serve clients efficiently and accurately.

    How we can help
    Industrial Distributors

    Successful industrial distributors provide a range of valuable services for customers, not just goods. Relationships and performance beat price in this business. Your customers want the right products and services delivered in a way that best supports their business success.  As industrial distribution trends point toward a highly digital future, you can no longer afford to operate as merely a product distributor. Now is the time to step outside conventional thinking.  

    How we can help

    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    With Tecsys we are able to do more with less, even when we grow. The increase in space and the additional products to handle, does not automatically translate into more resources in the warehouse and administration. We will be able to handle the additional load, no problem!

    - Marc Primeau, IT Manager, WALTER