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    Retail and E-commerce Solutions


    Equip yourself with a scalable, end-to-end retail supply chain solution for a seamless omnichannel buying experience and flexible order fulfillment.


    Trusted by retail leaders

    Tecsys orderdynamics

    Flexibility for your customers. Cost savings for you.

    Tecsys retail solutions enable customers to choose when, where and how they receive their orders, all while optimizing and prioritizing routes and streamlining fulfillment to minimize costs and impacts to your supply chain.

    Building value for your customers and for your supply chain

    Whether you’re a big-box retailer, in specialty apparel, a direct-to-customer brand or even sell digital products, Tecsys’ flexible and configurable end-to-end supply chain solutions will enable you to enhance your customer experience, clarify operational complexities and drive order profitability.

    Specialty Retail

    The physical world of stores and digital world of e-commerce have converged. Customers now expect seamless shopping experiences no matter how or where they shop. Tecsys’ Omni™ Retail solutions help specialty retailers optimize inventory across multiple nodes, give customers visibility of available inventory and provide multiple delivery/pick-up options while reducing fulfillment costs in the distribution center.

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    Big Box or Department Store

    Leverage your retail footprint and compete head-to-head with pureplay online retailers with Tecsys’ Omni™ Retail solutions. The fulfillment possibilities are endless. Ship from store or have customers pick up at the store closest to them. Ship from your distribution center, ship from 3PL, drop ship from your vendors, or any combination of these. Or take store fulfillment to the next level with system-directed pick and pack driven by an intuitive handheld mobile solution.

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    Solve supply chain complexity arising from managing wholesale, retail and direct-to-customer businesses simultaneously. With Tecsys’ Omni™ Retail solutions you can go from pallets to parcels in your distribution center while offering a seamless omnichannel experience to customers in store. Leverage your retail network to fulfill online orders and save on shipping costs while reducing delivery windows. 

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    Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

    In the ever-changing DTC world, you’re likely dealing with high numbers of small orders. Tecsys’ warehouse management system (WMS) will help you manage your inventory and costs, improve productivity with optimized picking algorithms, gain insights into your sales data and efficiently manage returns. Best of all, it can be deployed in as little as 28 days.

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    Digital Retailer

    Whether your products are 100% digital or a combination of digital and physical, Tecsys’ order management system (OMS) can handle the biggest game launch or streaming event, process micro-transactions in micro-seconds without interrupting game play and offer preorders on your next release. Our technology is designed to meet the elevated processing demands of digital retail while offering scalability to manage costs. 

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    Distributor with Branches

    In an evolving B2B landscape where customers have a multitude of options to choose from at their fingertips, it is essential that distributors ensure their fulfillment processes are fully optimized to compete at the highest level. Tecsys’ order management system helps distributors ensure omnichannel fulfillment success through inventory visibility, order routing, order consolidation and more.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    This implementation will enable us to stay at the forefront of omnichannel retail for years to come. Having solid and reliable partners like OSF Commerce and Tecsys ensures that we are able to provide our shoppers with exceptional experiences regardless of how they choose to shop with us.

    - Richard Sejean, Director of E-commerce, Browns Shoes