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    Warehouse Automation


    If your warehouse operation is challenged by labor shortages, space limitations and low productivity, it might be time to automate and Tecsys can help. Our team of warehouse automation experts will guide you through the entire journey from selection to implementation.

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    Seamlessly integrate automation into your warehouse environment

    Meeting growing customer demands for fulfillment and improving operational efficiency through automation is at the forefront of supply chain management. With an increasing number of robotic vendors on the market and return on investment a key priority, choosing the right mix of technology and vendors from the start is critical.

    Access Supply Chain Expertise


    For nearly 40 years, Tecsys has been solving supply chain complexity across diverse industries including industrial distribution, 3PL, wholesale, retail and healthcare.

    Work With Trusted Advisors


    Tecsys provides a completely independent, unbiased selection and evaluation process to help you identify the best automation solution for your business needs.

    Rely on Our Automation Know-how


    With customers running everything from carousels to cube-based storage, vertical lift modules (VLMs) to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and everything in between, warehouse automation is in our company’s DNA.

    Streamline Your Integrations


    With a built-in warehouse control system (WCS) and out-of-the-box integrations to leading middleware platforms, Tecsys makes the automation integration process seamless.


    Deliver products in record time

    Cube-based automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) is a goods-to-person system that is a flexible and high-density storage solution enabling businesses to deliver products in record time.

    • Automatically transport goods directly to operator for picking.
    • Eliminate travel time.
    • Rapid pick rates for smaller and lighter items.
    • High cost and complexity for implementation.

    Maximize warehouse floor space

    Vertical lift modules are a goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval system designed to make it easy to modify and change heights, locations and pick windows at any time.

    • Vertical storage with trays in the front and back of a column.
    • Delivers the stored trays to a work counter.
    • Ideal for warehouses with limited floor space but high ceilings.
    • Moderate cost and complexity for implementation.

    Boost supply chain and labor efficiency

    Collaborative robots (cobots) are used for transporting goods or to assist in picking, packing, sorting and storing goods. These person-to-goods systems can perform more repetitive, complex or hazardous tasks in the warehouse.

    • Item picking, movement of pallets or cases, security and cleaning.
    • Enables warehouse staff to focus on more value-added operations.
    • Includes autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).
    • Low cost and complexity to implement.
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    Level up your warehouse automation knowledge base

    The world of warehouse automation is vast and rapidly evolving. Tecsys’ warehouse automation educational resources provide practical insights into the many options available today. Finding your just-right solution can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and futureproof your operations.  

    • Learn warehouse automation fundamentals on your terms.
    • Gain a foundational understanding of the warehouse automation landscape.
    • Explore the features and benefits of different types of automation.
    • Identify when and how to integrate automation into your workflows.
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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    Implementing the (AutoStore) unit has exceeded all expectations. I’ve actually been in this industry for over 20 years and I have never seen a project that has been so well implemented. Integration between the IT systems is typically one of the challenging areas. In this case, Tecsys, Prime Cargo and Element Logic, who provided the AutoStore, have enjoyed a fantastic collaboration, so we reached our goals on time without major issues

    - Morten Hoilund, CEO Prime Cargo