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    Elite™ Healthcare Supply Chain Management


    Gain visibility into every facet of your operations. Our supply chain management system is a scalable, transactional engine to support your entire health system, anywhere, anytime, so you don’t miss a thing.

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    Transform your supply chain from good to great

    Elite™ Healthcare SCM solution helps top IDNs across the country close the gap between the ERP and EHR, take costs and waste out of supply chain and achieve enterprise-wide visibility and control of inventory.

    Manage Inventory and Costs Effectively

    Elite™ Healthcare SCM supports low unit of measure (LUM) distribution and bulk product distribution to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    Automate Interaction with Supplier Partners

    Automate your supply replenishment processes with suppliers with our adaptable feature set and strong analytics.

    Procure with Confidence

    Reduce price discrepancies with tools to import and validate price increases received from your suppliers as well as automate your workflow.

    Deliver Dependability

    Elite™ Healthcare SCM allows you to track all your supplier deliveries from start to finish — and get them there on schedule.


    Control your inventory management

    Elite Healthcare SCM gives you a powerful inventory dashboard for end-to-end visibility of all physical inventory assets across your supply chain network.

    • Merge the capabilities of your ERP and EHR alongside your supply chain to improve end-to-end product flow management.

    • Achieve optimum inventory levels of products that absolutely must be stocked with strong demand planning and supply planning tools. 

    • Obtain real-time inventory analytics you can totally trust. 

    • Collaborate electronically with suppliers to cut costs and reduce errors. 

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    Automate the fulfillment of orders

    The flexible and adaptable Elite™ Healthcare SCM enables you to set up business rules for specific sources of supply at the customer level and/or at the SKU level.

    • Maintain optimum inventory levels with a system that supports many types of data formats for sending and receiving transactions with your supplier partners. 

    • Connect supplies and products with advanced analytics for clearer insights on overstocking and stockouts.

    • Increase productivity and reduce supply-related errors with mobile technologies. 


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    Gain a demand planning and forecasting edge

    Successful organizations rely on demand planning from Elite™ Healthcare SCM to right-size inventories and reduce procurement costs.

    • Forecast your inventory accurately to spend less time and money on having too much (or not enough) inventory in stock.  

    • Introduce product segmentation so your planners and buyers can focus their efforts on high-impact items.

    • Achieve continuous, just-in-time procurement for your organization and easily forecast when on-hand inventory will dip into safety thresholds.

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    Improve delivery processes

    Whether shipping directly or initially shipping to your warehouse location for immediate delivery, Elite™ Healthcare SCM helps deliver the right supplies, in the right place, at the right time.

    • Gain visibility of all your inbound shipments, including the capture of relevant information about each leg of the delivery.

    • Achieve full visibility on inbound transfers from your distribution center to satellite and supply locations.

    • Track consolidated deliveries at the port of exportation.

    • Communicate the delivery status of special-order items and advanced bookings efficiently with customer service tools.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    Tecsys’ suite of software brings government and commercial best practices to your doorstep. It will revolutionize how business is conducted in the healthcare arena. The Return on Investment is solid. If you are looking for innovation to become a front-runner in the industry, then you should look at Tecsys’ portfolio of products. I did look and did not find anyone with the same depth and breadth of a superior supply chain platform as Tecsys.

    - DONNA VAN VLERAH, VP Supply & Support Services, Parkview Health