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    Elite™ Enterprise Solutions


    Business greatness can be achieved with the right approach to transforming your supply chain. Our solutions are built to create clarity out of your operational complexity.


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    Itopia® Technology Platform 


    The Tecsys Itopia® platform is the technology infrastructure on which the Tecsys’ Elite™ Enterprise suite of supply chain applications are built. It is robust, scalable, extendable, and easily adapts to the size and needs of your business. Through Itopia®, your organization can optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, accelerate growth, meet demands, and delight your customers.

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    Visual Logistics

    Your warehouse workers think better visually. They don’t think in terms of item TS-19045-M3 or aisle/bin location A9B42. They shouldn’t have to.  Visual Logistics guides workers to accurately perform the tasks of receiving, putting away, picking, packing and shipping the right goods in the right quantities.  It makes workers of any age and skill level more productive and more accurate for longer periods of time, reducing the mental fatigue and miscommunication that legacy, text-only screens create.  A minimum 5 second improvement per work transaction is a realistic and conservative productivity gain enabled by visual instructions. These precious seconds translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars of labor efficiency savings, as shown in the table next page for an operation shipping 20,000 order lines per day 

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    Elite™ Analytics

    Elite™ Analytics solutions enable you to gain clear and immediate insight into your organizational data assets so that you can make informed decisions. Through Tecsys’ Elite™ Analytics pre-packed solutions and services, you have the necessary tools and knowledge to manage your organizational performance. These tools are easy to implement, use and manage, and include pre-built models and content such as reports, analyses, dashboards, heat maps, multi-dimensional data marts and metadata models to allow your end users to immediately achieve your objectives.  

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    Cloud WMS

    Tecsys delivers world-class WMS functionality on a leading cloud infrastructure, enabling business leaders to achieve a 99.5% uptime guarantee, swift onboarding, high availability, reliability, and security. Tecsys’ cloud solution offers a high degree of agility and a path for growth. Minimal IT staff is needed to support applications, and by delegating IT infrastructure to Tecsys, businesses can instead focus on delivering unique value to customers.

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    Equip your supply chain with technology and expertise from Elite™ Enterprise solutions. Our digitally enabled, integrated platform will take your supply chain operations from good to great.

    Distribution ERP

    With Elite™ Distribution ERP, you can equip your front office workers with automation to seamlessly execute order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay, while significantly heightening service levels to your customers.

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    Warehouse Management

    Elite™ WMS is a visionary, scalable and adaptable solution that addresses the complexity and economic challenges of distribution operations in several industries to help you keep pace with a shifting landscape and move forward confidently.

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    Transportation Management

    Elite™ TMS is an enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping manifest system that optimizes carrier selection and shipping for outbound small parcels and less than truckload (LTL) freight on several major carriers’ shipping solutions. Key order and shipping information flows automatically for unprecedented shipping efficiency.

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    Delivery Management

    Elite™ DM is a powerful end-to-end event tracking and delivery management mobile system for a distribution organization, in-house courier and internal deliveries, including all unattended or unscheduled pickups and deliveries. It enables logistics management from a smartphone and offers real-time traceability comparable to major international parcel shipping organizations.

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