Run Your Business Like a Well-oiled Machine

Without the efficient management of service parts, manufacturing and distribution organizations are hamstrung by escalating costs, delayed parts shipments, and a lack of visibility into their parts supply chain. In an effort to automate and efficiently control the flow of service parts, they are increasingly looking to service parts supply management solutions to reduce costs, grow revenue, increase customer loyalty and develop a unique value proposition for their business.

TECSYS' service parts supply management solutions optimize and automate labor-intensive logistic processes and drive costs out of supply chains. They deliver optimum order accuracy and fill rates, they enable the management and tracking of mission critical service parts, and they provide real-time and total visibility of inventory.

Collaborative and scalable, TECSYS' logistics solutions empower service parts supply organizations to improve their profitability and customer service levels by gaining control over order accuracy, throughput volumes, turnaround times, and logistics costs.


  1. TECSYS is the number one supplier of service parts logistics solutions to more than 29% of Cat® Dealers in North America;
  2. TECSYS is the software supplier that runs three of the top automakers' aftermarket service parts operations;
  3. TECSYS is recognized by the leading industry analyst firm as a Tier 1 WMS and one of the most visionary products on the market;
  4. TECSYS is the dominant logistics solutions supplier for service parts in North America.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce/eliminate paper-based processes
  • Do a lot more with less
  • 100% traceability of orders/parts
  • 99.9% order, picking and shipping accuracy
  • Improve service and response time to your customers
  • Tangible ROI in less than 2 years

Demand Management System

  • Advanced forecasting, requisition and replenishment
  • System-generated suggested replenishment orders, with subsequent buyer review
  • Greater cost reduction by eliminating errors caused by manual tasks
  • Improved control, with tools to dynamically track vendor and item lead times
  • Ensures that the replenishment order review process results in the lowest possible product cost

Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Advanced functions for receiving, putaway, picking, packing, replenishment and shipping
  • System-directed RF task management, task interleaving, and "will call" interrupts
  • Multiple pick methods including wave, zone, batch, cluster and user-defined
  • Volumetrics and automatic shipping carton selection
  • Embedded advanced transportation management functionality
  • Dock and cross-dock management
  • Value-added services: trading partner compliance on special production, kitting operations and custom labeling
  • Advanced inventory tracking: serial number, lot control and expiration date
  • Extended functionality for expanded supply chain execution


Supply Management System

  • Addresses the just-in-time needs of the service parts supply chain
  • Easily provides product, availability and alternate location information in real time
  • User-friendly, maximizes the efficiency of service staff
  • Simple touch-screen, RF and voice technology for quick and easy access to supplies
  • Quickly locate equivalent products anywhere in the supply chain network, in the event of stock shortages

Customer Self-Service Kiosk

  • User-friendly kiosk similar to self-check-in at airports
  • Place order online, check-in at a kiosk and pick order with no interventions

Mobile Delivery Management

  • Route and stop assignment
  • Route and stop validation — trucks, routes, stops are validated at each step
  • Package or container-level delivery — packages are scanned for delivery, or loaded into a container for a consolidated stop delivery
  • Event-level signature can be captured at every event
  • Handheld pick-ups — automated pick-up and delivery creation, as required
  • Required stops — stops on routes can be flagged on a mobile device, as required
  • Signature required — stops can be configured to require signature capture and not allow unattended deliveries

Most warehousing systems just handle warehousing, not retail.

We needed the capability to do both. TECSYS was able to make modifications to their system that they actually added to the core product. They were the only vendor that had the flexibility to do that.

Rod Ford, Information Systems Director, Milton CAT®

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