Our New Brand

Rediscovering our greatness

Our New Brand Journey

Over the years, supply chains have evolved and become more visible. So we felt it was time for our brand to evolve as well — to make our purpose more visible. Through the course of this journey, we rediscovered our deepest beliefs and the long-term value that the people of Tecsys create in the world.

We empower good companies to be great.

From our first days more than 35 years ago, we have worked with pragmatic organizations who needed supply chain tools to realize their growth aspirations. Our rebrand quickly revealed this as our deep intention.

By clarifying uncertainty in the supply chain.

As organizations grow, they increase in complexity. Often, their supply chain technologies create more uncertainty. Our rebrand uncovered our uniqueness of clarifying what future is possible with a transformed supply chain.

To equip supply chain greatness.

We have seen how our tools can be a catalyst for realizing profound visions. Very simply: Supply chain transformation is a source for operational greatness. Our rebrand created the space for us to simplify this mission.

So that good companies have the space to thrive.

We believe that growing organizations that have been good stewards should have every opportunity to reach their aspirations. Our rebrand solidified our vision for the impact of good organizations thriving within communities.

It’s time to equip your supply chain greatness.

An approachable typemark

At Tecsys, we are dedicated to creating great customer experiences through holistic design solutions. We wanted our new typemark to represent our commitment of helping clients along their journey to transform their supply chain. Our new mark is friendly and approachable while still feeling dependable.

Tecsys logo typemark
Tecsys brand icon

An icon that shows connection

Our icon represents the supply chain. While there is often complexity in these systems, we excel at creating clarity by helping you see the opportunities. Our icon focuses on the connections that make a supply chain efficient.

A color palette symbolic of our passion

We want to empower our customers by giving them the tools to achieve supply chain greatness. Our red represents our passion for empowering our clients to solve their unique supply chain challenges.

Tecsys brand colors

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