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    The Great Supply Chain Podcast


    The world of supply chain is anything but boring. Tecsys’ Adam Polka and guests shine a light on logistics and the remarkable stories that drive supply chain greatness. With more than three decades in supply chain, Tecsys is considered a visionary in the industry.

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    Tecsys Podcast Ram and Eugene Web1000

    *NEW* Episode 22 What Warehouse Automation Technologies Are Game Day Ready?

    Joining us for the first time on the GSC Podcast are two supply chain experts in warehouse automation and robotics, Ram Gopalakrishnan, founder of Bricz, and Eugene Demaitre, editor of Robotics 24/7 and warehouse robotics authority. The conversation helps us unpack the impact of automation on the industry and how it is changing the ways we do business. 

    In 2022, a surge in interest in automation gave companies leeway to evaluate their opportunities and choose the right solutions for their needs. As we picked Ram and Eugene’s brains as practitioners and specialists, we looked into the state of the industry, investments and technologies, while getting a glimpse into their ProMat 2023 on-floor seminar.  

    Supply chain practitioners want to make well-informed decisions, but with ever-expanding options in the market, it’s noisy out there. This episode highlights the state of the industry and fills in some of the most common information gaps. 


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