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    The Great Supply Chain Podcast


    The world of supply chain is anything but boring. Tecsys’ Adam Polka and guests shine a light on logistics and the remarkable stories that drive supply chain greatness. With more than three decades in supply chain, Tecsys is considered a visionary in the industry.

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    *NEW* Episode 25 What Are the Best Practices for Managing Pharmacy Inventory?

    In this candid discussion about pharmacy inventory management, Tecsys’ Cory Turner is joined by Chris Jellison, vice president of Pharmacy at Parkview Health, a not-for-profit, community-based health system serving northeast and northwest Indiana. Chris began his career as a pharmacy technician, worked in a surgical ICU pharmacy and has held several roles in the leadership team at Parkview. In his current role, he oversees the strategic direction of the health system’s pharmacy operations. 

    Drugs continue to be a costly and complex asset to manage, representing significant operational and financial upside when done right. While some health systems are integrating supply chain principles and practices into their pharmacy operations, others are challenged by friction between supply chain and pharmacy. With a network of 10+ hospitals and integrated physician practices, Chris lends insight into how Parkview Health has evolved its pharmacy supply chain operation to meet modern demands. 

    In this episode, Chris and Cory examine the clear intersection between pharmacy and supply chain, what an integrated approach to pharmacy inventory management looks like and what benefits can be achieved by taking control of the pharmacy supply chain. 


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