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    The Future of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Must Support Complex Warehouse Requirements for a New Era of Buyers

    Posted by: John Reichert | June 11, 2018

    Future of Warehouse Management Systems

    A new era of buyers has arrived, and they are focused on the customer experience. It’s not enough to simply deliver a product into a buyer’s hands. No matter the industry, today’s savvy consumers expect a seamless, superior experience that delivers on a company’s brand promise. They want faster service, higher value, and 100% fulfillment. They want to feel good during the buying process. And they want this across all channels wherever they touch the brand.

    With that in mind, everything a company does from its messaging to the sales process to what occurs after the sale is part of the customer experience. If a company has deficiencies in any area, it could result in a customer having unmet expectations and a poor experience. If they are left unsatisfied, the company – and brand – could suffer detrimental effects.

    At the heart of the customer experience is buying process and getting the product they want into their hands as quickly as possible. From a business perspective, this must be done promptly, efficiently, and with no error – and it must be done better than the competition.

    To meet this goal and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, you must have an efficient warehouse operation. A warehouse that has redundant processes, inventory and ordering inaccuracies, and outdated warehouse management software runs the risk of becoming noncompetitive and losing customers.

    To overcome these challenges, you must choose the right warehouse management system solution that’s powerful and flexible enough to support the many, complex factors involved in warehousing, ranging from organization and movement to management and everything in between that’s necessary to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

    What to Look for in a Warehouse Management System

    When considering which warehouse management system is best for your business, look for one with proven performance and robust core capabilities. The following additional features will give your system more flexibility and added benefits:

    • Visual cues to accelerate warehouse tasks
    • Visual-on-voice technology
    • Collaboration with enterprise apps such as ERP and CRM
    • Bi-directional scalability to any business size and need
    • Intuitiveness and ease-of-use
    • Flexible workflows that can be modified by employees to fit the way they work
    • Expanded reach into supply chain functionality beyond the warehouse
    • Extended supply chain visibility beyond the warehouse
    • Secure access 24/7
    • On-premises and cloud deployment with quick onboarding options
    • Customer service and support

    Tecsys’ Warehouse Management System Solutions are Revolutionary

    Positioned within the “Visionary” quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems for the last six consecutive reports, Tecsys has been at the forefront of developing and implementing some of the most innovative warehouse management system solutions for over thirty years.

    No matter the industry, our robust solutions are designed to meet all the needs of our customers’ warehouses and employees as well as to help them meet customer expectations. All of this is done with core WMS capabilities as well as with advanced capabilities, unique features, and innovative technology that support warehouse complexities.

    For our customers, this means they’ve chosen a powerful, proven WMS platform that delivers increased efficiencies and productivity, improved warehouse picking and order accuracy, reduced operating costs, and high levels of service that help them deliver on their promises to their customers.

    Learn More About Warehouse Management.

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