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    Being More Competitive in Industrial Distribution

    Posted by: Maryah Merchant | February 26, 2019

    Industrial Distribution

    When I talk to our industrial distribution customers, each of them expresses the absolute need to provide timely customer service, fulfill orders accurately, and carry the right mix of inventory. If they can’t do this, their customers will go elsewhere.

    They tell us one of the key components to being more competitive is information technology. Not just choosing any technology—choosing the right information technology for their business.

    Here are some of the components industrial distributors look for when selecting software to run their business and maximize their profits. These questions can be useful for you as you begin to think about the future of your operations.

    Is the software designed for my business?

    Does the solution address the requirements of your industry and your customers? It’s critical to select solutions that are developed for your industry. Instead of spending time and money on customizations, you should select a software solution that’s built around your industry’s best practices and supported by a team that has relevant industry expertise. The software should support all the relevant processes you’ll need to carry out on a daily basis and provide the right functionality to make your business more successful.

    Is it easy to use and flexible?

    Selecting an industry-specific solution is important, but is it also easy for your staff to use? Is there a long onboarding process for new hires? Does it require extensive training and specific skills? The solution you select needs to provide the end user with a pleasant experience and the ability to access accurate information quickly.

    Can the software grow with my business?

    Most of our customers in the industrial distribution space shop for software when they feel the need to modernize and grow their business. For that reason, it’s imperative that the software you select and invest in can grow with you and continue to support your changing business requirements. It needs to be scalable and constantly improved based on the industry demands that need to be addressed.

    When shopping for software, these are key factors that our customers have considered. If you can’t check off these basic boxes, perhaps the tool you’re evaluating isn’t right for your business. Your business solutions, whether they’re software or anything else, should enable you to operate more effectively and meet your corporate goals. And once you have that, you’re off to the races!

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