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    Welcome to The Great Supply Chain Podcast

    Posted by: Adam Polka | May 26, 2021

    This is just the beginning.

    Tecsys is excited to launch our new podcast series next Tuesday, June 1, 2021. And like any new baby, we’re proud to announce its name: The Great Supply Chain Podcast — because the world of supply chain is fodder for some pretty great stories, great challenges and great strategic thinkers. It’s anything but boring, and we are thrilled to kick it off with some compelling discussions around artificial intelligence in the warehouse, converging supply chain markets, sustainability and more.

    The Great Supply Chain Podcast Hosts

    I’m Adam Polka, director of public relations at Tecsys, and I’ll be hosting The Great Supply Chain Podcast with my colleague Bill Denbigh, senior director of Product Marketing at Tecsys. Together, we will shine a light on logistics and the remarkable people who drive it. We believe that people are the changemakers that drive innovation, and this supply chain podcast is all about them; learning from those who lead by example to help supply chain leaders drive that change in their organizations.

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    What to Expect

    On the first day of every month, we’ll drop a new episode that will feature a discussion with a new “mover and shaker” in the supply chain space. Our goal is to really capture a cross-section of leaders and mavericks, skeptics and scholars. Our conversation will dive deep to understand what makes them tick, how they’re pushing the boundaries of the industry, challenging business norms, and reimagining the supply chain to equip their organizations for greatness.

    At Tecsys, we’re passionate about empowering good companies to cross the threshold into greatness through supply chain transformation. If you love supply chain as much as we do, we hope you’ll listen in as we tackle supply chain challenges and challenge supply chain hype. Through it all, we hope to inspire you to serve your organization and your customers better.

    The Great Supply Chain Podcast airs Tuesday, June 1.

    Listen to the teaser episode below and on every streaming platform!

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