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    Tecsys Applies Software to Address the Environmental Impact of Digital Commerce; Wins 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

    Posted by: Adam Polka | December 21, 2021

    The environmental impact of digital commerce is undeniable, and supply chain organizations lie at the nucleus of that impact. As we enter the holiday season, we become particularly aware of the waste problem that digital consumerism and e-commerce have introduced into our supply chains; from last mile parcel deliveries to crags of cardboard to retail returns landfills, the cost of our convenience is causing supply chain emissions to climb.

    The Green Supply Chain Award recognizes companies making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, as well as providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. As digital commerce matures, the changing profile of the supply chain has generated a remarkable sustainability challenge. We are proud to share that Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the global supply chain executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, has named Tecsys as recipient of the 2021 Green Supply Chain Award.

    “There are several industry experts and market research reports detailing that regardless of the pandemic, shortages, natural disasters and other supply chain disruptions, sustainability still remains a top priority in the supply chain. Whether it’s a new solution, a new program or just simply a new way of doing business, these winners showcased heightened attention to social responsibility and environmental governance,” says Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “Regardless of the challenges the supply chain industry faces, a sustainable supply chain continues to win in the end.”

    Indeed, digital commerce translates into a higher number of smaller shipments, which is fundamentally shifting how supply chain organizations need to operate to support their customers. With distribution models that knit together B2B, B2C and B2B2C fulfillment modalities, order profiles are no longer predictable and require more dynamic software to control the proliferating environmental costs of moving one line item from point A to point B. As organizations navigate the snowballing complexity involved in omnichannel commerce, Tecsys’ Elite™ platform provides keystone operational functionality to pursue both strategic sustainability targets and tactical efficiencies at the same time.

    Last year, Tecsys’ retail software, Omni™ OMS, earned 2020 Green Supply Chain Award  for affording retailers software that harnesses data and provides business rules to help reduce last mile costs and provide a decision-making platform to drive greener supply chain operations. This year’s award spotlights another node of omnichannel fulfillment complexity across the converging distribution and 3PL space.

    Tecsys helps supply chain organizations optimize their operations across the distribution continuum by providing well designed demand and supply planning, inventory management and warehousing solutions. Tecsys believes that better supply chain management leads to better customer experiences. By working closely with its customers, Tecsys helps solve the unique problems they experience, and provides solutions that help them reduce the economic and environmental impact of waste and inefficiency. As a result, customers have leveraged Tecsys solutions in myriad ways to address more traditional supply chain challenges; notably, operational efficiency, while typically measured in ROI and economic gains, carry impressive environmental benefits as well.

    Our president and CEO, Peter Brereton, commented on the win: “It is an honor to be recognized for enabling supply chain organizations to decrease waste across general distribution and 3PL verticals through well designed demand and supply planning, inventory management, warehousing and transportation functions. By working closely with our customers, we are able to help them reduce the economic and environmental impact of wasteful practices and wasted products.”

    As digital commerce continues to flourish, and brands adopt greater diversification in commerce channels and fulfillment modalities, Tecsys provides the critical functionalities required to drive sustainable operational excellence that is able to scale to demand without creating significant inefficiencies in either process or resource utilization. We feel fortunate to be an enabler of not only sustainability, but sustainable sustainability.

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