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    Tecsys Takes Store Fulfillment to the Next Level with Omnichannel Store-as-Warehouse Functionality

    Posted by: Tecsys | March 28, 2022


    In-store shopping and digital commerce fulfillment converge with Tecsys’ Omni™ platform, leveraging omnichannel fulfillment capabilities adapted to store environments

    Shoptalk. March 28, 2022 — Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management and omnichannel commerce software company, is pleased to announce a major advancement in its Omni™ solution suite’s capacity to enable micro-fulfillment functionality with its new store-as-warehouse application. Tecsys’ Omni™ solution seamlessly ties back store to front store operations, enabling retailers to leverage multiple physical locations and inventory nodes to process and fulfill orders to meet rising consumer expectations.

    With digitally empowered consumers as the catalyst driving retailers to revamp their fulfillment strategies, omnichannel retailers can no longer operate at scale with siloed fulfillment operations. Today, stores are being leveraged for order picking, packing and fulfillment to meet consumers’ ever-growing demands. This places added responsibilities on store personnel, thereby requiring more robust logistics software that Tecsys’ Omni™ solution provides.

    “We are serving a shifting marketplace where digital consumers shop for products differently than they did before,” says Bill King, chief revenue officer at Tecsys. “But as in-person and digital shoppers consume the same resources, it is increasingly important to leverage the people, processes, technology and infrastructure to one’s advantage. Tecsys’ solution is geared toward those retailers and brands that understand that to serve their customers best, they must be process-oriented, nimble, connected, and equipped with the right information at the right time.”

    At the heart of Tecsys’ solution is the enablement of the in-store micro-fulfillment process, sometimes referred to as store-as-warehouse. Store associates act as “pickers” and are directed to all accessible inventory, whether in the back room or the showroom. The store, similar to a warehouse, has its inventory positions mapped and presented to the pickers through myriad tools such as handheld terminals and scanners. Retail operations can also opt for RFID technology or automation solutions such as AS/RS, integrated to the Tecsys Omni™ solution, to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the order workflows.

    “Retailers need to take advantage of all the fulfillment nodes they have at their disposal to meet changing consumer expectations,” explains Guy Courtin, vice president of Industry and Advanced Technology. ”Wherever, whenever and however those consumer expectations change, retailers with the right tools to adapt quickly will gain brand loyalty and market share.”

    Seamless Shared Stores

    The omnichannel shopping experience involves customers interacting with a brand across online and offline channels with an expectation of a seamless experience. As stores are used to catering to a mix of order processing and in-store consumer activity, store operations must consider how to preserve positive shopping experiences for the customer. Tecsys’ intuitive software considers these ‘shared’ spaces, orchestrating in-person customers with fulfillment operations efficiently and at scale.

    Optimized Pick Sequencing and Segmentation

    Orders with several line items may have inventory across multiple locations. Tecsys’ streamlined order picking can split orders into optimized picking tasks and sequences organized by store section for speed and efficiency. With optimized picking of several orders at the same time, efficiency gains of up to 30% can be achieved, ensuring fast order turnaround and quick commerce expectations.

    Increased Inventory Accuracy

    The exacting demands of today’s consumer provide little room for inaccuracies. Tecsys eliminates common inventory margins of error with its intuitive receiving functionality that maintains visibility of all stock in stores, and automatically updates inventory levels. Integrated to a retailer’s point of sale (POS) system, Tecsys’ system allows for up-to-date store inventory adjusted in real time as goods are sold, regardless of which channel captures the sale.

    “Most retail order management systems weren’t set up with micro-fulfillment volumes or complexity in mind. Most warehouse management systems weren’t set up with co-mingling store associates and in-store shoppers in mind,” adds King. “Tecsys is giving retailers the ability to cater to a diverse network of customers, both digital and in-person, by leveraging their store locations as fully operational micro-fulfillment centers. The complexity associated with handling e-commerce orders requires a system of differentiation, fine-tuned for the nuances of the omnichannel world in which we live. As digital commerce continues to mature, Tecsys is helping retailers get ahead of the curve to be able to delight customers efficiently and consistently.”

    About Tecsys

    Tecsys is a global provider of supply chain solutions that equip the borderless enterprise for growth. Organizations thrive when they have the software, technology and expertise to drive operational greatness and deliver on their brand promise. Spanning healthcare, retail, service parts, third-party logistics, and general wholesale high-volume distribution industries, Tecsys delivers dynamic and powerful solutions for warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at point of use, retail order management, as well as complete financial management and analytics solutions. Tecsys’ shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TCS. For more information on Tecsys, visit


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