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How Healthcare Is Managing Unpredictability

  Health systems are flexing their emergency preparedness muscles like never before. The unpredictability and power of COVID-19 is slowly unveiling which hospitals are prepared to manage a major epidemic. Although every health system conducts emergency preparedness training year-round, each organization builds a unique culture and strategy that works best for their organization. At Tecsys,…

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Four Ways to Reduce Hospital Supply Chain Waste

Clinical supply waste is a significant, and growing, financial and environmental challenge in healthcare. Hospitals must implement programs to reduce overall waste while finding cost-effective treatment and disposal methods of their non-regulated and regulated medical waste.

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Playing It {Too} Safe with Inventory?

Although no business likes carrying safety stock, experiencing a stockout simply isn’t worth the risk to customer satisfaction. Take an industry-informed look at how to achieve demand planning ‘greatness’ when it comes to optimizing your inventory levels and still meeting customer requirements.

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Are Wholesalers an Endangered Species?

The traditional role of wholesalers is quite simple; they buy significant quantities of products from different manufacturers, store them in warehouses and resell them to customers, whether retail, industrial, commercial, institutional or contractors. Their role is to have the right product when it is needed, at the lowest price. Pretty simple.

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Role of the Distributor in a Demand-driven Sup­ply Chain

There is a famous anecdote about Volvo car dealers heavily discounting green models because consumers preferred other colors. Volvo’s manufacturing plant, seeing the resulting spike in demand for green models, perceived it as consumer interest and upped the production. That’s right…even more green cars! Ouch!!

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Introducing a Blog for Your Inner Software Geek

Tecsys develops innovative software products. Yes, we are a provider of supply chain solutions (and hey, Your Supply Chain Matters!), but underpinning all of that is a team of software development professionals who build our products with the latest technologies and tools.

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