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Three Post-COVID-19 Outcomes Likely to Impact the Healthcare Industry

Six months ago, news of Trump’s possible impeachment, nestled between Epstein’s death and Weinstein’s conviction, held mindshare. Headlines included WeWork laying off workers and musings on a new IPO called Zoom. On April 20, oil dropped to less than $0 per barrel and Zoom’s stock more than doubled in value. A new concept of the…

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Healthcare Supply Chain Embraces E-commerce Trends

Historically, the margins in this specialized industry have compensated for lack of advanced healthcare supply chain capabilities. Now, though, the industry is no longer standing still due to the increasing pressures on margins, traceability and customer demands.

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Introducing a Blog for Your Inner Software Geek

Tecsys develops innovative software products. Yes, we are a provider of supply chain solutions (and hey, Your Supply Chain Matters!), but underpinning all of that is a team of software development professionals who build our products with the latest technologies and tools.

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What defines BIG thinking?

In the movie Big, Tom Hanks plays a child trapped in the body of a 30-year-old who challenges the status quo at a toy manufacturer. To the audience it all makes sense as the movie progresses – think like a kid when selling stuff to kids. How revolutionary! Yet the audience also relates to the adults who pretend to know what kids like.

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