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Warehouse ‘Just in Case’ Safety Stock: Balancing Inventory Levels vs. Risk

  There are many risks you need to factor into your supply chain strategy. Safety stock has always played a vital role in protecting your organization. Whenever there is an increase in demand or a delay from your supplier, safety stock ensures your business continuality and customer satisfaction. With the advent of COVID-19 many organizations…

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Role of the Distributor in a Demand-driven Sup­ply Chain

There is a famous anecdote about Volvo car dealers heavily discounting green models because consumers preferred other colors. Volvo’s manufacturing plant, seeing the resulting spike in demand for green models, perceived it as consumer interest and upped the production. That’s right…even more green cars! Ouch!!

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Warehouse Inventory Management: Getting The Right Product To The Right Person

When supply chain professionals plan for future demand, their thoughts gravitate to meeting customer service levels while minimizing the amount of capital tied up in inventory.  Demand planning and warehouse inventory management is about having the right product in the right place at the right time … right? Four occurrences of the same word would cause my old English teacher to shudder at this excessive use of a word in a single sentence. However, let us return to the important business of meeting consumer demand without incurring the cost of excess inventory.

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