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    Tecsys Announces Composable OMS for Frictionless B2C and B2B Commerce

    Posted by: Tecsys | March 21, 2023

    Next generation of distributed order management system provides omnichannel flexibility at scale.

    PROMAT, Chicago, IL. — March 21, 2023. Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management and omnichannel commerce software company, today announced its fully composable Order Management System (OMS), a headless order management system built with robust APIs and an optimized front end designed to integrate into retailers’ existing back-end systems.

    “Shopping is no longer a linear activity, but a web of interrelated events that take place in both the virtual and physical world, united by timely and accurate data. This evolving complexity of sales channels and customer touchpoints adds to the cost of doing business, and we wanted to solve for that,” says Martin Schryburt, vice president of Research and Development at Tecsys. “The powerful API backbone of Tecsys’ composable OMS allows for quick and valuable out-of-the-box OMS functionality that can serve as an integrated solution or headless order management engine, both tuned to the complexities of frictionless omnichannel commerce.”

    By decoupling the Omni™ OMS front end and back end through composable architecture, Tecsys customers are able to optimize their omnichannel tech stack with a flexible platform that can accommodate every use case, legacy ecosystem and business model, and unlock business value, including:

    • A complete out-of-the-box OMS designed for frictionless commerce that is equipped with advanced capabilities and is highly configurable, providing reliable up-to-the-second inventory visibility.

    • Headless architecture that can integrate into a retailer’s existing front-end systems and enable new sales channels, including traditional and emerging marketplaces.

    • An optimized front-end interface that enables high-touch customer service management and efficient store fulfillment within an intuitive and device-agnostic environment that can be integrated with existing systems.

    This modular approach enables retailers and brands to leverage Tecsys’ best-of-breed solution for each unique business need as the organization composes its broader tech stack strategy.

    “The ultimate goal of this innovation is to help retailers be more flexible in how they leverage the full potential of omnichannel commerce, no matter which systems they have in place right now,” explains Guy Courtin, vice president of Industry and Advanced Technology at Tecsys. “We’re making it quite easy for retailers to plug in the Tecsys system where and how it makes sense in their existing business operations. This lets them very quickly turn on real-time inventory visibility and orchestration across physical stores, online commerce and digital marketplaces. It breaks down the data silos and allows for a truly fluid shopping and order fulfillment experience, both for the consumer and the retailer.”

    The composable Omni™ OMS is architected to deliver the industry’s fastest ROI, help retailers achieve an enterprise-class frictionless commerce experience, and give those retailers ownership of their future omnichannel capabilities. To learn more about Tecsys’ composable OMS, visit

    About Tecsys

    Tecsys is a global provider of supply chain solutions that equip the borderless enterprise for growth. Organizations thrive when they have the software, technology and expertise to drive operational greatness and deliver on their brand promise. Spanning healthcare, retail, service parts, third-party logistics, and general wholesale high-volume distribution industries, Tecsys delivers dynamic and powerful solutions for warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at point of use, retail order management, as well as complete financial management and analytics solutions. Tecsys’ shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TCS. For more information on Tecsys, visit


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