Elite™ Healthcare Point of Use


Gain inventory visibility and automate the logistical activities in your clinical, procedural and lab environments to manage costs and improve standardization. At Tecsys, our solution enables you to ensure you have the right supplies, in the right place, at the right time.

Support logistical activities and simplify user interactions


Elite™ Healthcare POU is an intuitive point of use system with RFID, barcode and mobile-tracking technologies.

Maintain reliable stock levels and accurate demand assessments

Elite Healthcare POU enhances the quality and availability of pertinent information, helping to prevent product expiry, reduce product loss and support regulatory compliance.

  • Optimize productivity and item reordering with mobile inventory to reduce supply-related errors.
  • Implement RFID two-bin Kanban systems to eliminate manual counting and reduce the risk of overstocking or stockouts. 
  • Avoid using recalled and expired products on patients and eliminate stock waste.
  • Establish complete chain of custody and access product consumption levels.

Reduce time spent on case picking and data collection

Avoid disruptions in clinical workflows, capture UDI effortlessly and eliminate any double-entry processes.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors through case documentation.
  • Plan procedure supply needs in advance with case cart management. 
  • Prevent patient case delays and cancellations by integrating optimized clinical workflows.
  • Help staff collect product usage data and document utilization.

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Put data capture technologies and hardware to work

Process efficiency and automated tracking of product movement and usage are possible with RFID and barcoding through the Elite Healthcare POU solution.

  • Automate data capture of product usage and demand assessment. 
  • Track and trace the movement of your high-cost items. 
  • Boost efficiency in daily system operations with scanning technologies. 
  • Facilitate the adoption of inventory best practices while minimizing storage footprint.

Simplify monitoring supply chain performance on an ongoing basis

Capture valuable and accurate point of use consumption data with meaningful analytics.

  • Identify optimization opportunities to control and reduce on-hand inventory value.
  • Benchmark the cost per procedure and per physician.
  • Enable collaborative learning of case costing trends to help decrease variation in procedures.
  • Manage evidence-based PPI standardization and product utilization.

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We are able to capture charges more efficiently and track inventory levels more accurately, both of which allow our clinical staff more time to focus on patient care.

- Flavius Toader, Director of Supply Chain, Munson Healthcare

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