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    End-to-End Supply Chain Platform


    Built on the Itopia® end-to-end supply chain platform, Tecsys’ integrated suite of solutions empower your organization to extend, scale and adapt to business goals and market conditions. Eliminate uncertainty in your supply chain operations and move forward confidently.

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    Drive speed, agility and visibility in the cloud

    Our end-to-end supply chain platform uses the cloud to deliver you an exceptional experience.

    • Access the platform from anywhere.
    • Share your data and processes with anyone.
    • Connect your supply chain to anything.

    Accelerate your business growth with frictionless updates

    Receive faster deployment, installation and configuration on the Tecsys supply chain platform.

    • Receive continuous improvement platform updates that you control.
    • Obtain updates without impacting user extensions or adaptions.
    • Access automated testing tools to ease update certification.

    Trusted by supply chain leaders


    Protect your data and continuously manage your security

    Rest assured the Tecsys supply chain platform adheres to industry-leading SaaS security protocols and controls.

    • Compliant and audited to meet the most stringent levels of platform security.
    • Full-time continuous monitoring of platform to resolve issues before they impact your business.
    • Role-based user security controls access to all aspects of the platform.

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    Enable your business innovation

    Tecsys’ end-to-end supply chain platform will open the doors to accelerating your organization’s forward-thinking strategies.

    • Configure a bespoke supply chain solution to perfectly match your business requirements.
    • No-code, user-driven adaptability to foster innovation in the supply chain.
    • Extend the solution without impacting future upgrades.

    Tecsys helps industry leaders transform their supply chains

    We have realized significant savings from our Consolidated Service Center by optimizing back-office operations, and we look forward to extending those Tecsys benefits further into our hospital network to build on these successes. With Tecsys across our clinical areas, our organization will have access to more accurate usage data and analytics. This helps us be more efficient and better positioned to make strategic supply chain decisions that maintain our standards of excellence while optimizing inventory availability and controlling costs.

    - Carmen Winfield, Vice President of Procurement Service, McLeod Health

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    Obtain a single, cohesive user experience

    When it comes to workforce attraction, the Tecsys end-to-end supply chain platform will attract, satisfy and retain your staff.

    • Train new users in minutes on a simple and consistent UX.
    • No-code personalization of user experience and workflow-based on role.
    • One platform UX across all devices and form factors.

    Achieve elastic operational performance

    Tecsys’ end-to-end supply chain platform enables you to respond to changing needs and navigate disruptions in a resilient and flexible manner.

    • Scale up or down in size based upon your demand.
    • Share workloads across multiple servers and multiple instances of a common database.
    • Multi-hub national and international network of servers to provide resilience and recovery options.

    Recognized for our excellence

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    Integrate seamlessly with IPaaS

    To create an efficient supply chain ecosystem, the Tecsys end-to-end supply chain platform makes it easy to adopt new technology applications to help solve your pain points.

    • Simple and standard connections to make integration easy.
    • Pre-built connectors to standard third-party packages.
    • Built-in WCS toolkit creates warehouse automation support.

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    Access implementation tools to take full advantage of all features

    Get the most out of the Tecsys end-to-end supply chain platform with training and technical support to minimize the cost and complexity of getting your team up to speed with our software.

    • E-learning library provides on-demand platform and solution education.
    • Suite of platform administration support tools simplifies replication, instantiation and migration support.
    • System tools to validate platform configuration and data ensure platform integrity.

    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    With the expansion of our warehousing division, we needed more accuracy and scalability in our infrastructure, with more versatility for our clients, across our multiple locations. Tecsys is a sophisticated, fully integrated and flexible cloud-based WMS that provides a more diversified inventory management system. Its real-time visibility will assist Fuel in attracting high-profile clients who require more than just a simple in and out storage system. Tecsys can also support our business model by managing complexities with ease as we explore other avenues and future projects.”

    - Peter Perrella, Vice President of Operations, Fuel


    Increase efficiency on insights with artificial intelligence and machine learning

    Tecsys’ end-to-end supply chain platform empowers you with AI/ML data, retrospectively and in real time, to help optimize your workforce and operational processes.

    • Build effective slotting plans and re-slot dynamically based upon learned activity.
    • Create best travel paths to eliminate time and distance using actual time and distance rather than perceived experience.
    • Reduce frustration in the warehouse by scheduling work tasks in the most efficient manner.

    Balance supply and demand with trusted analytics

    A future free from errors and with increased profits is attainable with Tecsys’ end-to-end supply chain platform.

    • Secure clear and immediate insights into your organizational data assets in order to make informed decisions.
    • Gain a single point of truth and make informed and timely supply chain decisions.
    • Compare your key metrics with industry standards to understand where you are truly exceptional versus average.

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    Solutions to transform your unique supply chain

    Tecsys helps our customers adapt to changing demands, strategically scale operations and build resilient supply chains.

    Elite™ Enterprise Solutions

    Business greatness can be achieved with the right approach to transforming your supply chain. Our solutions are built to create clarity out of your operational complexity.

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    Elite™ Healthcare Solutions

    Growing your supply chain maturity from operational to strategic to optimized requires Tecsys. Discover why our solutions are trusted by the top healthcare systems and hospitals in North America.

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    Omni™ Retail Solutions

    Power your omnichannel buying experiences with Tecsys. Our retail solutions enable you to embrace supply chain complexity and optimize your fulfillment processes to compete at the highest level.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    We have journeyed together with Tecsys for nearly two decades, and in them we find a true partner in pursuit of supply chain excellence. We coordinate a deeply complex network of high-volume manufacturers, artisanal vendors, multinational retailers, standalone stores and direct-to-consumer channels, and Tecsys has given us the tools to orchestrate these moving parts on a global scale.

    - Rolf Hagen Jr, President and CEO, Rolf C. Hagen Inc.