Business Intelligence for Healthcare


Gain actionable insights into your supply chain performance and profits. With Tecsys you gain supply chain visibility to improve and optimize your operational processes.

Supply Chain Performance Management

Tecsys’ business intelligence and analytic tools make it easy for you to proactively monitor your supply chain performance on an ongoing basis, manage your inventory to reduce costs, recover clinical time and, ultimately, provide value for the patient.

ROI Monitoring

The implementation of our supply chain platform enables you to track your financial gains, manage effectiveness and identify savings opportunities over time.

Inventory Optimization

Gain a better understanding of inventory reduction by stock types and identify where you should spend your efforts to optimize on-hand inventory and balance replenishment.

Expiration and Loss

Expired and lost inventory can be eliminated with proper tracking of supplies and high-cost items such as medical devices and implants. This dashboard can help you to identify the reason for supply waste and monitor your progress over time.

Case Capture and Supply Documentation

Track the performance of case consumptions, monitor charge capture compliance and track case costing trends.

Case Costing

Tecsys’ healthcare solutions deliver your organization with accurate case costing data in order to obtain a true understanding of product usage, perform comparative effectiveness and uncover opportunities to lower costs without reducing quality of care. Our case costing dashboards help analyze trends in your service lines and procedures such as consumption, cost and waste to identify savings opportunities at the procedure, physician and item level.


Analyze procedure case costing trends and evaluate high-cost procedures in order to optimize product utilization and manage evidence-based physician preference item standardization.


Analyze clinical procedures and physicians in comparison to their peers. This dashboard helps you visualize the outliers based on case volume and items truly used vs. wasted.

Preference Cards

Gain insight on the preference cards that need to be evaluated and optimized based on items added, unused, returned or lost providing indications on which items should be removed, quantity to be reduced or revised. These recommendations take into consideration the quantity in Open and PRN, the item cost and the utilization frequency.

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