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    Tecsys at ProMat 2023


    Come meet Tecsys at the ProMat show from March 20-23, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois!

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    Let’s connect in Chicago!

    Tecsys representatives are ready and excited to meet you at ProMat 2023 in Chicago, Illinois at booth #S3388. Schedule a meeting ahead of time to discuss how Tecsys can help equip your supply chain greatness with our end-to-end solutions for distribution, healthcare and retail.

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    Warehouse Automation Tour

    With a variety of vendors offering different flavors of robots for your material handling, there’s bound to be something for you. Join us at ProMat 2023 for a curated tour that highlights the different types of automation we are currently working with to meet our customer’s needs and to discuss which might be the best fit for your organization. 

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    Discover Cutting-edge Solutions

    With over 900 of the world’s leading manufacturing and supply chain solution providers under one roof, you can see firsthand what the future holds – and find the tools you need to shockproof your operations and move your business forward.

    From hands-on demonstrations to 150 educational seminars and four exciting keynote speeches, attending ProMat is your unrivaled opportunity in 2023 to find solutions, connect with your peers and leading solution providers, and learn the latest trends and technologies that can help you touch the future of supply chain success.

    Click here to learn more about the ProMat 2023 show.

    Seminars with Tecsys

    No Room for Error: How to Manage Critical Supplies When Failure Is Not an Option 

    If these past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the weakest links of our supply chains reveal themselves when tensions are highest. Indeed, with plenty of examples in the headlines, and maybe a few within our own operations, supply chains are susceptible to breaking down. But sometimes, failure is simply not an option. The whiplash solution has been to add buffer stock wherever spot shortages occurred, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Supply chain leaders need to think about flexibility, redundancy and perhaps some out-of-the-box tactics.

    Join three industry experts who will discuss how to plan a critical supply management strategy and how to adapt that plan to shifting conditions both internal and external to the organization. By stitching together examples from healthcare, third-party logistics and other high cost-of-failure sectors, this session will provide guidance on how to develop a supply chain practice that drives operational effectiveness while curbing the risks of disruption. 

    Session 1: March 22 from 3:45 – 4:30 p.m. CST (add to calendar)

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    The Key Automation Technologies That Will Live in Your Warehouse Within Five Years 

    The automation train is hurling towards us at 200 miles per hour, but most of us are still planning our itineraries. To avoid the collision course, this session brings together industry experts with diverse perspectives to provide insight on the state of automation, major milestones, where there is real urgency and what is hype, and where the key areas of investment should be.

    This panel discussion will focus on the pragmatics of contemporary supply chain execution, from vision to decision, stripping away as much of the glitter as possible in order to reveal the value drivers that will define meaningful investments in the coming months and years.

    Session 1: March 21 from 11:15 – 12:00 p.m. CST  (add to calendar)

    Session 2: March 23 from 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. CST (add to calendar)

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    ASRS (Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems) of MHI presents: Reality Check: How ASRS Assists in the Digitization of the Supply Chain

    The fragility of many supply chains was brutally exposed during the outbreak of the pandemic: poor visibility, lack of information, lengthy lead times, missing inventory, lack of manpower, over corrections, and the list goes on. 

    Some companies fared much better than others, thanks to their early adoption of smart digital technologies. Robotics, goods-to-person technologies, wearable devices, sensors, algorithm optimization and data analytics have become commonplace logistics assets enhancing operational efficiency and significantly impacting customer experience and the day-to-day job of the logistics operator.

    Join this panel discussion to learn about the role of ASRS in digitization of the Supply Chain and first-hand accounts from consultants, end-users (FMCG) and 3PLs.

    Session 1: March 21 from 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. CST (add to calendar)

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