Warehouse Management for Retail


Deliver on promises made to customers and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. With the weight of decades of warehousing best practices, Tecsys can help you transform your warehouse from good to great.

Manage Inventory and Costs Effectively

Warehouses play a crucial role in your success and growth as retailers are now expected to sell across multiple channels. Tecsys offers a SaaS-based warehouse management system (WMS) that helps you efficiently manage inventory through a cloud-based, modular platform. With its built-in scalability, the Tecsys retail WMS can accommodate businesses with only a few employees to large warehouses with more than 250 simultaneous users.

Agile and Customizable

The Tecsys retail WMS is optimized for customization and flexibility. Implement only the features you need now, then expand functionality as your operation grows in scope and complexity.

Accessible from Anywhere

Based on HTML5, Tecsys’ retail WMS can be accessed from any platform that has a browser. This includes PCs, handheld terminals, tablets and mobile phones.

Ready for Rapid Deployment

Our out-of-the-box solution can be implemented and up and running within a month’s time. There are also no special handheld terminals to purchase and no time-consuming hardware configuration. All you need is WiFi.

Inventory Management with ERP Integration

The Tecsys solution utilizes a standard file format that can easily integrate and communicate with other systems. For example, while the WMS tracks and controls physical movement of goods, it seamlessly transfers financial data to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of record.

With security and accuracy as a top priority, the WMS manages what data is transferred to ensure there is no redundant or incorrect information entered into the ERP.

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