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Point of Use Inventory

Achieve Just-in-Time Inventory Control

Maintain reliable stock levels and accurate demand assessments, accelerating replenishment activities and eliminating the manual counting and data entry that takes valuable time away from logistics and clinical personnel.  

The Tecsys system helps ensure that efficient, automated processes can be deployed throughout the hospital to keep operational costs low. This automation leads to controlled, orderly storage supply areas where staff can easily find what they need. We support your logistics activities and simplify user interactions at the point of use with RFID, barcode and mobile technologies, creating intuitive supply chain activities.  

Introduce Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Traceability

Tecsys’ solution allows you to track and trace products requiring item-level traceability from receipt into inventory to utilization for a patient. We automate the management of critical specialty items used in procedural areas (OR, cath lab, and IR), such as medical devices, tissue implants, consignment items, and instrument trays.  

Tecsys’ Itopia application enhances the quality and availability of pertinent information, helping to prevent product expiry, reduce product loss, and support regulatory compliance. It also provides visibility into the inventory that vendors store inside your facility and greatly reduces the need for time-consuming manual intervention for clinical staff. Now you can establish complete chain of custody and access information about the inventory of these supplies, their consumption levels by product as well as manage recalls. 

Implement Automated and Accurate Case Costing

For your case-managed specialty areas, cost savings and patient safety are achieved through a fully automated inventory management workflow in which supply usage is captured, tracked, and measured for business intelligence. 

The Tecsys system helps you avoid disruptions in clinical workflows, capture UDI effortlessly, and eliminate any double-entry processes. With these capabilities in place, your clinical caregivers spend less of their valuable time involved in inventory management, ultimately preventing patient case delays and cancellation. 

Tecsys reduces the number of steps in your case picking flow and the time spent on data collection wherever possible to increase efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and accurately close the case-costing loop. Our system contributes to per-procedure and per-physician costing insights, standardization of physician preference items, and fact-driven preference card optimization. 

Access Analytics to Support Your ROI

Tecsys Itopia gives hospital managers and administrators extensive, accurate utilization data, as well as the means to analyze and act on business intelligence, key metrics, and analytics tools. Having all of this information readily available makes it easy to monitor supply chain performance on an ongoing basis.  

The solution’s ability to integrate with complementary systems is central to its value proposition. Capturing accurate point-of-use consumption data only becomes valuable once that data is leveraged toward organizationally meaningful analytics.  

Put Data Capture Technologies and Hardware to Work

Process efficiency and automated tracking of product movement and usage are possible through Tecsys’ RFID “smart” technology products and barcode solutions.

The Tecsys system also incorporates all the material you require, including mobile devices, scanners, and printers that can be easily connected. The result: instant supply chain information—anywhere, anytime, on any device. To minimize your storage footprint while facilitating structured inventory management, we also offer high-density modular storage systems designed specifically for healthcare facilities.


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