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    Rick Watson Podcast-02



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    Episode 8 Clicks, Bricks and a Few Tricks: What Are Retail Supply Chain Experts Predicting for 2022?

    In this episode, we chat with Rick Watson, founder of RMW Commerce Consulting, and Guy Courtin, vice president and industry principal for Retail at Tecsys, to understand today’s retail supply chain landscape and the trends that are on the horizon.

    Emerging from the most tumultuous period in retail supply chain since the coining of the term ‘supply chain’, the industry is undergoing a massive reckoning that calls on retailers to meet the exceedingly high demands of a modern consumer that drifts between online and offline commerce; they are being challenged to break down operational barriers and create seamless buying experiences while remaining socially conscientious and profitable. 

    Our guest,Rick Watson,discusses some of the more perplexing retail collaborations that are taking shape, the evolving role of the store and last mile fulfillment and how sustainability is shifting from a marketing play to an operational and financial imperative. 

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