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    Episode 10 Who Is Responsible for Customer Experience: The Retailer or The 3PL?

    In this episode, we chat with retail expert and vice president of Industry and Advanced Technology at Tecsys, Guy Courtin, to explore what convergence means for the world of 3PL, distributors, retailers, and customer satisfaction as we know it.

    As the world becomes increasingly digitally enabled, the traditional role of supply chain is transforming and having dramatic impact on the retail fulfillment ecosystem. Today, both brand owners and 3PLs share the weight of the consumer experience, from sourcing to fulfillment; this is amplified as expectations rise within a quickly evolving omnichannel economy. The way brands, retailers and their 3PL partners respond to these changes will determine the future of the relationship they have with their customers.

    Our guest, Guy Courtin, discusses this evolving ecosystem, its significance in the world of retail and beyond, and how supply chain is a mechanism for better customer service.


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