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    Episode 12 Why Does Everyone in Healthcare Supply Chain Know Hays?

    Featuring Hays Waldrop, we explore the unique collaborative dynamics of the healthcare supply chain, some of the more prevalent issues facing health systems today and what healthcare leaders across the country are doing to address both lingering and emerging challenges.

    Hays is founder and president of The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers, The Council of Supply Chain Executives and The Council of Pharmacy Executives and Suppliers. His 25 years of experience and deep ties to healthcare executives provide him with shrewd insight into best practices and emerging trends, which he shares with Adam and his guest co-hosts, Cory Turner, CMRP and Bill Denbigh. Drawing from those executive focus group conversations, Hays delves into topics like labor shortages and wage flares, data standardization, automation, sustainable transformation and more.

    Our guest, Hays Waldrop, captures the national discourse around healthcare supply chain and conveys the lessons learned, perspectives, strategies, and tactics of major IDN and regional hospital executives alike in this candid and thoughtful exchange.


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