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    Episode 15 Why Do Supply Chain Workers Need a Great Software User Experience?

    This episode features Aveline Sodji, university lecturer and Tecsys’ new principal UX designer, who draws on her more than 15 years in the fields of IT and user experience to explore the purpose of UX in logistics and supply chain, and its effect on pickers, vendors, and organizations that implement software into their everyday tasks. 

    Is the software you need to do your job enjoyable to use? Is your experience positive? With more and more digital natives in the competitive labor market, enterprise software UX in logistics is an increasingly important dimension of workforce attraction, satisfaction and retention, especially in the supply chain. That’s where Aveline comes in. At the intersection of persistent curiosity and data, Aveline describes how the ultimate in enterprise UX sophistication is intuitive, seemingly obvious design that delights the user. 

    Our guest, Aveline Sodji, does a remarkable job of translating complex processes into intuitive workflows for all those involved. Join us as we indulge in the world of UX design in supply chain, and its role in countering some of the major the challenges of modern supply chain operations.  



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