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    Episode 20 What Are the Keys to Successful OMS Implementation? 

    In this episode, we explore the challenges and opportunities that retailers are bound to encounter when implementing OMS solutions. Together with two of Tecsys’ subject matter experts, David Mascitto, Retail E-commerce Supply Chain product marketing manager and Neeta Garg, delivery director for Retail, we lay out a blueprint for unified commerce and the technology needed to support it. 

    Over the last decade or so, digital and hybrid shopping have forced retailers to take a closer look at how well their supply chain and order management processes are suited to meet the demands of the modern-day consumer. This discussion touches on pressure points in the retail industry, the role of OMS solutions, and how to navigate the ups and downs when implementing this type of solution.  

    Our guests, David Mascitto and Neeta Garg, present an integration framework to facilitate and expedite an OMS implementation. They delve into mounting consumer demands, the capacity for supply chain to meet those demands, and how B2C experts can prepare for a successful OMS project. 


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