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    Episode 24 What is Digital Twin Technology, and Can it Take Distribution and Retail to the Next Level?

    In this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Joe Vernon, Principal, Business Consultant at EPAM Systems, who is focused on the adoption of emerging technologies, and by Mark Delaney, VP of Industry Strategy, Retail and CPG at FourKites, who is widely regarded as a leading technology futurist with expert knowledge of the retail technology ecosystem.  

    Analyst firm Gartner listed digital supply chain twinning as one of 2022’s supply chain technology themes and in today’s market, we are increasingly hearing of distributors and retailers utilizing this technology. In this conversation, Tecsys’ Maryah Merchant and her guests examine the concept of digital twinning (creating a virtual mirror of reality), how it works and the impact it has on the supply chain in distribution and retail. 

    Our panelists discuss the impact of digital twinning across a range of industries, examine how to implement the technology and measure its effectiveness, as well as make process improvements by running digital simulations. 

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