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    Nick Lovatsis 2023 Podcast web-1500

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    Episode 26 Are You Ready for the Warehouse Automation Revolution? 

    In this discussion about warehouse automation, Maryah Merchant is joined by special guest, Nick Lovatsis, managing partner at supply chain consultancy Avalon CSC, to shed light on the fascinating world of warehouse automation and technology. With his expertise and experience in leading supply chain strategies, Nick provides valuable insights into the transformative power of automation in optimizing warehouse operations. 

    As supply chains navigate ever-changing industry disruptions, the quest for competitiveness and efficient warehouse management becomes increasingly critical. The game-changing potential of warehouse automation for distributors and 3PLs is maturing quickly. Nick explores the benefits it brings, the challenges faced during implementation, and how to calculate return on investment (ROI) post-automation. 

    In this episode, Maryah and Nick engage in an enlightening conversation about the intersection of warehouse automation and technology. They discuss the clear correlation between automation and warehouse optimization, the barriers organizations may encounter when adopting automation, and the significant benefits that can be achieved by leveraging this advanced technology. 

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