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    Matt Stewart Podcast 1200





    Episode 27 How Warehouse Optimization Drives Efficiencies in Healthcare

    In this episode, Cory Turner and special guest Matt Stewart, CEO and managing partner at RiseNow, discuss the challenges faced in healthcare supply chains and talk about the importance of reducing costs while improving efficiency. Matt also examines the emerging trend of healthcare organizations adopting technology solutions, like automation, to address labor shortages and turnover rates.  

    Healthcare supply chain leaders are increasingly considering specialized solutions for warehouse management, distribution management and demand planning to overcome cost and labor issues. By adopting best practices from industries like distribution and retail – such as zone picking and real-time inventory management to enhance warehouse efficiency – organizations are realizing improved cost management and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients. 

    This discussion underscores the significance of warehouse optimization in healthcare. Cory and Matt highlights the potential benefits of automation and technology solutions in improving productivity and reducing errors. By implementing specialized systems and adopting best practices, healthcare organizations can optimize their warehouses, overcome challenges and provide better patient care.  

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