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    Susan and Seth Tecsys Podcast 1000



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    Episode 28 How Transforming Sterile Processing Can Elevate Patient Care

    We welcome Susan Pfeifer and Seth Adkins from Sanford Health to the podcast, who join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion on healthcare strategy and process improvement. Together we explore their project aimed at transforming perioperative service delivery and improving patient care across their service area. 

    With a focus on sterile processing, they discuss the importance of preference cards and how inaccuracies can lead to significant waste and potential risks to patient safety. Learn how this dynamic team employed Lean principles and data-driven strategies to streamline processes, reduce inventory and minimize labor hours, resulting in notable financial and clinical impacts.  

    In this episode, you will discover the crucial role of engaging project champions and integrating technology to create a highly reliable system while keeping patient well-being at the forefront. You will gain valuable insights from Sanford’s journey while exploring process improvement initiatives that positively impact the healthcare landscape. 

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