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    Episode 29: How Do Organizations Leverage Cloud for a Competitive Supply Chain Advantage?

    In this episode of the podcast, we feature an engaging conversation with Manish Govil, global supply chain segment leader at AWS. Together, we examine the current state of data utilization in supply chains, the tools provided by cloud technology and how they can be leveraged for competitive advantage.  

    The discussion provides valuable insights into the role of data in shaping the future of supply chains. We examine practical steps for leveraging cloud technology to optimize decision-making, customer experiences and operational efficiency. With real-world examples from the automotive industry and visionary strategies for waste reduction, we explore how cloud technology is transforming supply chain processes globally. 

    With an eye on continuous improvement, Dr. Govil outlines a comprehensive three-phase approach to unlocking the potential of cloud technology. From setting priorities to executing scalable transformations, listeners gain a clear roadmap for integrating cloud capabilities effectively. 

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