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    Episode 3 How Do People, Process and Technology Combine for Success in the Warehouse?

    In this episode, we explore how Thom Campbell and Capacity LLC are developing culture and technology in the warehouse that is helping them grow as an organization.

    The logistics industry is faced with extraordinary internal challenges from labor shortages and churn, to intensifying SLAs and technology adoption. At the intersection of all these challenges are the actual people who do the groundwork. The inherent generational divides, language barriers and vibrant diversity within these teams can be bridged by the ‘lingua franca’ of warehousing.

    Our guest, Thom Campbell, discusses how to use technology to strengthen culture, the value of an engaged team and the importance of rolling up your sleeves.

    Thom Campbell is the chief strategy officer of Capacity LLC, a 3PL leader in order fulfillment, e-commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI).

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