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    Episode 6 What Evolving Customer Expectations Are Driving Brands and Retailers to Think Differently About Supply Chain?

    In this episode, we explore how Ron McIntyre and Fuel Transport are setting a new benchmark for success in the 3PL space by prioritizing people and leveraging technology. Ron shares how the future of his industry will need smart people, system-driven processes working in tandem to drive positive vendor-side and customer-side outcomes.

    With organizations facing more supply chain complexity than any time in history, 3PLs are well-positioned to provide turnkey supply chain elasticity capable of scaling up, down and sideways to respond rapidly to changes in demand.

    Our guest, Ron McIntyre, examines the role of technology as an uncurrent for success, both today and into the future; we also discuss the importance of putting people first in the pursuit of supply chain excellence, and how this mindset carries both organizational and customer experience benefits. Ron McIntyre is the vice president of Technology & Innovation at Fuel Transport, a transportation logistics company that provides creative solutions for a wide variety of industries across North America.

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