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This podcast features discussions with supply chain leaders to understand what makes them tick, how they’re pushing the boundaries of the industry, challenging business norms, and reimagining the supply chain to equip their organizations for greatness.

The world of supply chain is anything but boring. Tecsys’ Adam Polka and Bill Denbigh shine a light on logistics and the remarkable people who drive it. With more than three decades in supply chain, Tecsys is considered a visionary in the industry. Listen in to our episodes below:

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Episode 1 What Evolving Customer Expectations Are Driving Brands and Retailers to Think Differently About Supply Chain?

Retail supply chain convergence will have a profound impact on logistics operations both up and down the supply chain. As retailers become brands (think Costco’s Kirkland brand accounting for 30% of annual revenues, or Amazon’s nearly 130 private labels) and brands become retailers (think Nike bypassing traditional retail channels and expanding its DTC business), supply chain organizations are being forced into new paradigms that are built on customer expectations and brand value. So what does this mean for our supply chains? Guy Courtin joins us for a discussion around the blurring of the lines between retail and DTC brands, the challenges facing supply chain as we move towards further product personalization, and the stitching together of physical and digital worlds.

Our guest, Guy Courtin, is a speaker, a writer, an analyst, he is a veteran retail supply chain expert with decades of experience in the technology and supply chain space. Currently serving as vice president and industry principal for Retail at Tecsys, he has held leadership roles at 6 River Systems (a Shopify company), Infor Retail and i2 Technologies (now Blue Yonder). He has also served as industry analyst at Constellation Research, SCM World (Now Gartner) and Forrester Research.

In this episode, we explore how evolving customer expectations are driving brands and retailers to think differently about supply chain.

Episode 2 Pragmatic AI in the Supply Chain: What's Real and What's Just Hype?

According to Gartner, boards of directors place analytics and AI as the No. 1 and No. 2 priority for game-changing technologies to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

And if you’re anything like us, you are bombarded by articles and advertisements about AI… but it leaves actual supply chain folks asking what’s real, what’s noise and what do we need to be planning for?

Our guest, Vasco Kollokian, has spent the last decade working in enterprise software product management. He is responsible for building and executing Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solution strategies, and spends his days setting AI product vision and direction to solve real-world SCM business problems. In this episode, we explore some of those business problems and how AI can be applied today to tackle them.

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