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From leading healthcare systems, hospitals, and pharmacy businesses to distributors, retailers, and 3PLs, Tecsys works with industry leaders to transform their supply chains through technology.

We incorporate the unique challenges your business is facing along with our best practice industry expertise and powerful software to give you solutions that will define and bring your supply chain vision to life. Together, we can identify a path forward that will enable you to achieve measurable business benefits, including enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and the ability to deliver on customer expectations every time.


We believe that better healthcare supply chain management helps your organization provide better patient care. Over the past decade, health systems and hospitals have begun transforming their medical-surgical product supply chains through enterprise-wide automation and new technology. With full visibility into and control over the products consumed every day in your facilities, you have the insights and information needed to perform forecasting, demand planning, and other strategic analysis aimed at driving high quality, efficient, and cost-effective care. By working closely with hospitals and health systems, we help solve the unique problems you experience, and provide solutions that help you better manage your supply chain.  


As part of healthcare leaders’ overall efforts to streamline costs, organizations like yours are turning their sights toward the highest-cost area within the supply chain: pharmaceuticals. According to one study, supply chains represent approximately 30% of hospital spending, second only to the cost of labor. Pharmaceuticals represent 5-10% of this total cost. We understand that this area has historically been plagued by decentralized management, disconnected IT systems with limited functionality, and a heavy reliance on third-party distribution. We work with pharmacy organizations to identify and realize the significant opportunity for cost and labor savings with the right approach to technology. 


There’s a lengthy list of pressing supply chain challenges facing distributors today, but reducing costs often rises to the top for businesses trying to remain competitive in a fast-paced distribution environment. No doubt you are familiar with the “Amazon Effect” and rising expectations for shorter order cycles that put pressure on businesses in many industries to deliver shipments faster than ever before. As your team struggles to fulfill orders accurately and on time, it’s critical to review expenditures on a continual basis to identify opportunities to reduce expenses. We work with distributors every day to determine ways our solutions can help meet pressing demands while reducing costs. 

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