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Customer Success Stories

Every day, Tecsys customers achieve amazing things by combining their diligence and ingenuity with our software.

These organizations are transforming their businesses by thinking about their challenges in new ways and applying the latest in supply chain technology to produce notable reductions in cost, manual effort, and time-consuming processes. Together, we’re able to equip both small, local companies and large, multinational corporations to handle mounting customer demands today, and adapt to tomorrow with intuitive, reliable solutions.

At Tecsys, we’re in awe of what our customers are able to accomplish with the resourcefulness of their teams and the power of our supply chain technology. Each of the organizations below has a memorable story that starts with the realization that their supply chain could operate better, faster, and more efficiently to support growth and change.

These stories span multiple industries, geographies, and challenges, but they all highlight the fact that with the right technology and partner, high-impact supply chain improvements are possible. These companies have rooted out inefficiency, met complex customer demands, and found innovative ways to streamline everyday work and expenses. Use them as inspiration for how you can bring change to your own business.

Tecsys Allows Abilene Machine to Grow Sales While Lowering Inventory Levels

Abilene Machine worked with Tecsys to upgrade its distribution management software (DMS) and gain full visibility into inventory procurement, production planning and order fulfillment processes, strengthening customer relationships and improving internal efficiency.

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“We have always believed that our success begins with our customers and their trust in us to consistently deliver ag replacement parts that are reliable and cost-effective — and provide solutions that fulfill real needs.”

– Mike Aufdemberge CEO, Abilene Machine

Tecsys’ WMS Enables Aetrex to Reach its Strategic Growth Objectives While Lowering Cost by 24%

Aetrex is widely recognized as the global leader in comfort and wellness footwear. Tecsys’ WMS Enabled Aetrex to reach its strategic growth objectives while lowering cost by 24% and demonstrating unparalleled customer care and responsiveness.

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“Our managers have greater visibility of low-margin transactions, price overrides, and discounting. This new visibility of information is fostering a positive culture change within our sales department.”

– Ned Lane, President

Bickle Main Industrial Supply Inc. meets customer demands and scales business with Tecsys solutions

With increasing e-commerce orders, extensive inventory and a large customer base, Bickle Main Industrial Supply Inc. needed a solution that could handle its growth. Tecsys’ end-to-end solutions helped the distributor increase accuracy, productivity and customer satisfaction all while reducing costs.

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“We wanted a system that could handle our growth for warehouse management. We felt that Tecsys Streamline had the best all-around solution that answered many of our questions while helping us define what our future management needs would look like.”

– Rick Tisi, General Manager

Browns Shoes Achieves a 13% Reduction in Order Lead Time and Express Shipping with 99.5% Accuracy

Browns Shoes, North America’s leading independent footwear chain, invested in an innovative platform technology to improve fulfillment and inventory visibility in order to enhance their customer’s experience both online and in-store.

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“This implementation will enable us to stay at the forefront of omni-channel retail for years to come. Having solid and reliable partners like OSF Commerce & OrderDynamics ensures that we are able to provide our shoppers with exceptional experiences regardless of how they choose to shop with us.”

– Richard Sejean, Director of E-commerce

Tecsys Enables Capacity LLC to Fulfill More Than 600,000 Orders Per Day With Order Accuracy Upward of 99.92%

Capacity LLC is a third-party logistics company that provides fulfilment and value-added services to brands who want to outsource their fulfilment operations with orders ranging from 250 to 5000 ecommerce orders per day. Capacity’s use of warehouse-centric technology transforms its supply chain to meet spikes of 10 to 50 times their regular daily volumes while delighting each individual customer.

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“We needed a platform that was going to be flexible. We needed it to be robust. We needed it to be available all the time. We also wanted to work with a company that had enough resources to grow with us. That is how we ended up working with Tecsys.”

– Jeff Kaiden, CEO

Cleveland Brothers Delivers 500 Orders Per Day with 40% Less People Using Tecsys’ WMS

Needing a robust warehouse management system that could provide real-time visibility and tracking of parts and orders throughout their supply chain, Cleveland Brothers selected Tecsys because of its expertise and proven solutions at Caterpillar dealers across North America.

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“Without Tecsys' WMS, we would have not been able to handle the load. We would have had to add people. The idea is, with Tecsys' WMS we do more with less.”

– Rick Hoose, General Parts Manager

Concord Hospital Sees Performance Boost at the Point of Use – Reduces On-Hand Inventory Value by 30%

Concord Hospital, a regional medical center, is the second busiest acute care hospital in New Hampshire, with 295 licensed beds and 238 staffed beds. For 10 consecutive years, Concord Hospital has been recognized as one of the “Most Wired” medical facilities in the U.S. by Hospitals and Health Networks magazine, the journal of the American Hospital Association.

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“The impacts have been very positive of rolling out the solution for our organization and the return of investment has been sustained.”

– Kevin McCarthy, Vice President of Support Services

LifeScience Logistics Achieves 99.97% Inventory Accuracy with Tecsys’ WMS

LifeScience Logistics faced the challenge of providing domestic and global healthcare manufacturers with unique, regulatory-compliant distribution facilities and processes. They chose Tecsys’ healthcare SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, and the results have been impressive — 99.97% inventory accuracy, with the right products delivered at the right price without sacrificing quality.

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“We have a reliable IT infrastructure that can be tapped anytime, from anywhere, securely...it is like "Googling" into a supply chain network of applications, giving us and our customers peace of mind and visibility of what is happening.”

– Richard Beeny, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Milton CAT Takes “Customer Friendly” to New Heights with Tecsys’ WMS

Milton Cat®, one of the largest Caterpillar® dealers in North America, needed a warehouse system that would run on their existing IBM® iSeries platform, interface to their proprietary ERP and put-to-light systems, and also provide the tools to establish a new customer self-service kiosk. Tecsys’ Warehouse Management System for IBM® System i was able to meet these needs and the results have been increased visibility on inventory and orders, improved accuracy, reduced waiting times for parts, and a customer self-service kiosk.

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“Most warehousing systems just handle warehousing, not retail. We needed the capability to do both. Tecsys was able to make modifications to their system that they actually added to the core product. They were the only vendor that had the flexibility to do that.”

– Rod Ford, Information Systems Director

Cath Labs at Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare is a nationally recognized regional non-profit healthcare system consisting of nine hometown hospitals with over 8,000 healthcare professionals serving 24 counties throughout Northern Michigan.

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“We are able to capture charges more efficiently and track inventory levels more accurately, both of which allow our clinical staff more time to focus on patient care.”

– Flavius Toader, Director of Supply Chain

NMHS Saves $8 Million Annually & Significantly Improves Service Levels

NMHS’ management was looking for logical ways to keep costs in line, such as reducing duplication and inefficiencies and encouraging standardized processes. With Tecsys, NMHS eliminated several steps in the supply chain, and greatly improved management of inventory.

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“We are now buying in bulk from manufacturers compared to small quantities from distributors in the past. As a result, we have reduced our cost anywhere from 3% to over 25% on individual items and improved our fill rate to 99.98%.”

– Mike Switzer, Corporate Supply Chain Officer

Parkview Health Transforms its Supply Chain with the Itopia Platform

Parkview Health is a not-for-profit, community-based health system serving northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. With more than 10,000 employees, Parkview Health is the region’s largest employer whose operations include 9 hospitals and a network of primary care and specialty physicians. Additional services include the Samaritan Flight Program, Parkview Heart Institute, Parkview Ortho Hospital, a Certified Stroke Center, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Outpatient Center, and Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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“Tecsys’ suite of software brings government and commercial best practices to your doorstep.”

– Donna Van Vlerah SVP, Supply & Support Services

Rinchem Company, Inc. – Armstrong & Associates Case Study

With all sites utilizing the Tecsys WMS, Rinchem has been able to improve safety, accuracy, and productivity. Shipment accuracy has increased to 99.9% across the network. Management visibility to inventory across the network is standardized with improved accuracy and provides Rinchem with the ability to quickly reposition inventory based on customer needs and reduce safety stock.

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“ With all sites utilizing the upgraded Tecsys WMS, Rinchem has been able to improve safety, accuracy, and productivity. Shipment accuracy has increased to 99.9% across the network. Management visibility to inventory across the network is standardized with improved accuracy and provides Rinchem with the ability to quickly reposition inventory based on customer needs and reduce safety stock.”

Rubenstein RB Digital Inc. grows and scales their business with Tecsys’ solution as their backbone

Rubenstein RB Digital Inc. is a supplier of industrial equipment for product decoration and a leader in industrial sewing equipment in Canada. Tecsys’ solutions have modernized their operations and allowed them to be more efficient all while reducing their cost of operations.

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“The key to our relationship with Tecsys was a strong connection to the people in support and services, and their ability to adapt the software to our needs. We like what Tecsys is doing in R&D to enhance the product and rolling out important innovations on a regular basis.”

– Jeff Teitelbaum, CPA, CA, Chief Financial Officer

WALTER Surface Technologies Achieves 98% Same-Day Ship Complete with Tecsys, Significantly Improves Order-To-Cash Cycle

WALTER’s challenges spanned the full supply chain management cycle, from development to distribution and customer services across 3 continents, with the need to improve the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles. Tecsys has helped WALTER increase fill rate to 98%, reduce its billing cycle by 24 hours, and increase warehouse labor productivity by up to 15%.

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“With Tecsys' integrated distribution management system, warehouse management system, and transportation management system, we have integrated information for everything; you don't have to wait for transfer of information, and you don't have to deal with incompatible files or technology between systems or interfaces.”

– Marc Primeau, IT Manager

Werner Electric Supply Achieves 99.9% Accuracy and Zero Backlog with Tecsys

Having a warehouse operation that delivers value-added services and order fulfillment cycle in less than 24 hours in a fierce competitive landscape is a major challenge. Werner is leveraging Tecsys’ supply chain platform extensively to adapt the system on the go to their ever changing needs and deliver real value to their customers.

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“Our vision is to be the most dynamic and customer-focused electrical distributor in the nation. Our partnership with Tecsys is providing us with the technology platform and expertise to unlock the strategic potential of our supply chain to gain a significant edge in our competitive profile and achieve our vision objectives.”

– Lloyd Fabry, Director of Operations
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