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    Retail Supply Chain Solutions


    Equip yourself with a scalable, end-to-end retail supply chain solution for a seamless omnichannel buying experience and flexible order management.


    Trusted by retail leaders


    Flexibility for your customers. Cost savings for you.

    Tecsys retail solutions enable customers to choose how, where and when they receive their orders, all while optimizing and prioritizing routes to minimize costs and impacts to your supply chain.

    Building value for your customers and for your supply chain

    Tecsys’ flexible and configurable end-to-end supply chain solutions enhance your customer experience, clarify operational complexities and drive order profitability.

    Advanced Out of the Box

    With Tecsys, value-added functionality comes standard. Advanced features like order creation, returns management, pick/pack and shipping labels — just to name a few — are included with our core order management system, making it one of the most complete and cost-effective omnichannel fulfillment solutions on the market today.

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    Scalable and Agile

    For retailers, growth brings additional supply chain complexity. Tecsys’ order management system can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated with our industry-leading warehouse and transportation management systems (WMS and TMS) to help you meet the growing demands of your retail supply chain.

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    Ready for Rapid Deployment

    Tecsys’ express order management system implementation model can be deployed in just 90 days, including integrations to your e-commerce sites, payment gateway, enterprise resource planning and warehouse management systems, and more.

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    Enhanced Customer Experience

    With the proliferation of e-commerce channels and online marketplaces, an optimized omnichannel shopping experience is the key to remaining competitive. Tecsys’ order management system ensures customer satisfaction with robust features such as online inventory visibility, simplified returns, multiple delivery options, order fulfillment accuracy and on-time delivery.

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    Controlled Fulfillment Costs

    Processing costs have surged and margins have eroded due to increasingly fragmented inventory locations. Tecsys’ order management system enables retailers to analyze supply chain data and set business rules that reduce last-mile costs and provide customers with multiple shipping options such as order consolidation; buy online, pick up in-store; curbside pick-up; and home delivery.

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    Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Transform your supply chain decision-making from reactive to proactive. Tecsys’ business intelligence tools empower you with valuable insights about inventory, dynamic order fulfilment and order and customer profitability. Use this information to monitor performance, hit industry benchmarks and tailor your customer experience.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    This implementation will enable us to stay at the forefront of omnichannel retail for years to come. Having solid and reliable partners like OSF Commerce and Tecsys ensures that we are able to provide our shoppers with exceptional experiences regardless of how they choose to shop with us.

    - Richard Sejean, Director of E-commerce, Browns Shoes