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    Tecsys & Amazon Web Services (AWS)


    Efficient, innovative and streamlined supply chain solutions for the healthcare, distribution and retail sectors.

    Next-generation supply chain solutions

    Leveraging the industry leading Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) cloud platform, Tecsys gets the most out of the healthcare and enterprise supply chains, providing enhanced capabilities that ensure a secure, scalable and modern environment for streamlined operations. With its comprehensive global coverage, AWS offers flexible, secure and reliable access to Tecsys’ tools worldwide.


    Elite™, the flagship product from industry-leading supply chain management software company Tecsys, harnesses the power of cloud computing through integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging the robust infrastructure and scalable capabilities of AWS Cloud, Tecsys has revolutionized the way businesses optimize their supply chain operations. With Tecsys Elite™ on the AWS platform, organizations unlock exceptional agility, flexibility and efficiency— vital attributes for adapting to ever-changing market dynamics and achieving new levels of productivity. The powerful combination of Tecsys and AWS enables businesses to streamline their supply chain processes, enhance operational visibility and deliver an exceptional customer experience in an increasingly digital, fast-paced world. 

    Harnessing the power of the world-leading AWS cloud platform

    Leveraging Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud platform enhances the capabilities of Tecsys Elite™ Enterprise Solutions, creating a robust, scalable and highly secure environment for your supply chain operations. AWS’ global infrastructure ensures reliable access to Elite’s tools, no matter where your facilities are located. Moreover, the scalability of AWS allows for seamless growth, adapting to the evolving needs of your operation. With real-time analytics and extensive data capabilities, AWS enhances the effectiveness of Elite’s tools, empowering data-driven decisions. Overall, the combination provides an efficient, secure and future-proof platform for your supply chain management.

    Explore our specialized cloud solutions for the Enterprise and Healthcare supply chains

    Tecsys Elite™ Enterprise Solutions on AWS: Your Warehouse, Your Most Valuable Distribution Asset

    Warehouse operations are an organization’s most vital asset to deliver on promises made to customers and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. In today’s world, a combination of best practices and platform technology helps world-class distribution organizations achieve market differentiation, eliminate inefficiencies, improve order accuracy, reduce operating costs and attain high levels of service.  

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    Tecsys Elite™ Healthcare Solutions on AWS: Prioritizing patient care with end-to-end supply chain solutions

    U.S. and Canadian health systems face significant supply chain challenges, including rapidly increasing supply chain costs, managing a diverse range of supplies, fragmented and siloed operations, strict regulatory compliance, and as well as unpredictable demand. Additionally, risk management due to disruptions, waste reduction, slow technology integration and their overall impact on patient care are critical concerns. ​ 

    These complexities and obstacles highlight the importance of efficient, transparent and responsive supply chain management in ensuring quality patient care while optimizing costs and resources.

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    Case Studies - The power of collaboration

    Explore the accomplishments and transformative journeys of our customers harnessing the power of AWS. At Tecsys, we take great pride in the positive business outcomes our customers have achieved by leveraging our software. Through our collaborative efforts with AWS, we have helped our customers overcome some of their biggest challenges, optimize their supply chain processes and stay on the cutting edge of innovation. These testimonials embody how our unique solutions, powered by AWS technology, have driven success across diverse industries and created value for our customers.