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    Closing the Operational Gaps Between Clinical and Supply Chain in Healthcare

    Posted by: Nancy Pakieser | August 9, 2018

    Clinical and Supply Chain in Healthcare

    It’s an interesting time in the healthcare industry, and for the supply chain specifically. Each of the following market factors is thrusting the supply chain to center stage and calling on all of us to up our game in the face of more complex operations. These factors include:

    • The advancement of new technology, from drones and robots to artificial intelligence and distributed ledgers
    • Increasing margin pressure
    • New and changing traceability regulations
    • Numerous mergers and acquisitions

    Next week we’re headed to AHRMM18, where we’re looking forward to connecting with industry thought leaders on all things related to the healthcare supply chain.

    In pursuit of helping organizations keep up with all these moving parts, we’ve assembled a Chicago-bound team that can engage in practical conversations around key goals for many of our healthcare customers. These include ways to:

    • Maximize clinician time at the bedside by decreasing clinician effort in managing supplies
    • Enhance patient interaction
    • Automate inventory management
    • Reduce inventory carrying costs
    • Reduce errors and the incidence of expired products

    That Brings Us to the Next Point (of Use)

    These goals can certainly be addressed in several ways, but this year we are focusing on the operational gaps between clinical and supply chain, which tend to be concentrated around the point of use. This is an area of expertise for us, and we are pleased to have an extremely knowledgeable team with us that is deeply vested in helping healthcare organizations address this pain point.

    If you are thinking about the point of use at your hospital or health system, or have questions about our technology or the state of operations in general, we welcome you to stop by Booth 429. We encourage you to chat with one of our experts and let us know what your concerns and issues are.

    Tell Us What We Don’t Know

    When we invite you to our booth, it’s not all about what we offer. We believe we need to listen to the market so we can build solutions to solve the problems you identify. We’re keenly interested in understanding what you are experiencing day in and day out, because only then can we really work toward a solution that addresses YOUR challenges.

    Not to Be Missed!

    We are also thrilled to be joining Flavius Toader, System Director Supply Chain at Northern Michigan Supply Alliance, for a learning lab focused on collaborating with the Cath Lab to improve CQO. This session offers a glimpse into how to build bridges across departmental silos and the successes – and roadblocks – you can expect to face along the way. This session gets to the heart of the message of  ‘closing the operational gaps between clinical and supply chain,’ because those gaps are often most pronounced in fast-paced, high-stress procedural areas. Flavius is presenting on Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 8 a.m., and we look forward to seeing you there!

    Read about Munson Healthcare’s initiative to close the operational gap between the Cath Lab and supply chain

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