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    July 15, 2024

    Lessons from Retail for Enhancing the Customer Experience in Healthcare

    There are two industries with which each of us must interact: Retail and healthcare. Whether we're shopaholics or we just buy the bare necessities, whether we are praised as...

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    Director of Product Marketing & Business Development I started my career as a Radiologic Technologist, working over 10 years in both acute care and outpatient settings. I carried the lessons of my clinical experience with me into business, developing my marketing expertise while working with supply storage systems, medical devices, therapy delivery and software solutions. This has shaped my personal and professional drive to bring products and services to the market that enhance the delivery of care to patients. At TECSYS, my focus is on maintaining client and industry relationships, supporting our R&D projects, and identifying business development opportunities in healthcare as its supply chain management function continues to change. I am the TECSYS representative for a number of industry organizations including The Board of the Arizona State University Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium (HSRC), the Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) Technology Opportunities Initiative Team, and the GS1 Hospital Implementation Work Group. As both a former clinician and healthcare supplier, I know my way around the US healthcare system. Supply chain issues that relate to healthcare, especially the US healthcare market, are my sweet spot. I look forward to discussing them with you.