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    Tecsys to Ramp Up Partner Ecosystem with Launch of New Global Alliances Program

    Posted by: Tecsys | June 15, 2021


    The supply chain provider’s continued growth has been accelerated by the ongoing expansion of its network of strategic alliances; the new program is set to strengthen and deepen strategic partnerships.

    Tecsys is pleased to announce the launch of a new global alliances program to support the ongoing growth of its strategic network of value-added partners. The new program, headed by Tecsys’ vice president of Strategic Alliances, Jamie O’Halloran, empowers partners and customers alike to unlock Tecsys’ full value. This program caters to a growing partner community, architected to strengthen both platform and service delivery.

    Comprised of foundational partners like AWS, IBM and Microsoft, industry partners like OSF Digital, RiseNow LLC and West Monroe Partners, and technology partners like Zebra Technologies Corporation, Terso Solutions Inc. and INTERFACEWARE Inc. Tecsys’ partner network is richly embedded into the value it delivers to its customers; this program serves to strengthen and expand this legacy of strategic partnerships while creating an ecosystem that builds mutual value opportunities as the company grows channels globally.

    “Partners play a pivotal role in the value we deliver to customers, and we sought to create a framework that showcases those partners and significantly expands the customer value they deliver,” explains Peter Brereton, president and CEO at Tecsys. “Our goal is to enrich customer experiences, and part of that is to work with our partners more collaboratively. This program gives our partners the tools they need to realize maximum value for our shared customers.”

    Tecsys has invested in an integrated platform and set of tools to empower a partner network to work more efficiently and collaboratively. This program is designed to provide a frictionless workflow that breaks down silos. Better governance, co-marketing assets, accreditation tools and Alliance portal resources will ease onboarding, facilitate training, and expand the common knowledgebase.

    The program has been built around three tenets:

    Strengthen Advisory Service Provider Network

    Tecsys firmly believes that partnering with complementary partners drives the highest value for its customers and the customers of those partners. By leveraging the deep domain expertise of a global network of advisory and consulting partnerships, Tecsys can provide its customers with the broadest range of insights and recommendations. Together with its partners, Tecsys is better positioned to deliver comprehensive, specialized solutions tailored perfectly to customer requirements. Reciprocally, Tecsys seeks to support its partners’ capacity to stimulate utilization through digital and process transformation engagements, drive system adoption and optimize customer outcomes.

    “As a national consulting firm born in technology and built for business, we know the healthcare ecosystem is complex and ever-evolving,” explains Dan Howell, director, Healthcare and Life Sciences at West Monroe Partners. “We collaborate with healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on the opportunities that exist in a dynamic marketplace. Partnering with Tecsys allows us to bring that expertise to bear on business complexities across the supply chain, from strategy through execution, as we help our clients realize the benefits of technology, process and organizational change by driving real, sustainable adoption.”

    Empower Global Implementation Partners

    Supply chain organizations around the world have experienced massive stress tests in their capacity to adapt to fundamental changes in the way their customers order and receive product. Unable to support this complexity, aging infrastructures are accelerating the demand for modern supply chain systems like Tecsys. To deliver timely and quality supply chain transformation, Tecsys collaborates with a trusted network who possess the skills and resources to equip organizations with our technology and to thrive in this ecosystem. The company’s growing community of integrators will gain access to more tools and resources to inject operational agility into warehouse and supply chain operations.

    “Tecsys’ supply chain management platform has the power and agility to meet the changing needs of complex supply chains in today’s volatile business environment,” shares Nick Lovatsis, managing partner of Avalon CSC. “This partnership will allow us to leverage Tecsys’ best-in-class technology with our strategic consulting services to deliver more value to clients in a variety of industries, and that will allow them to thrive in their competitive landscape.”

    Gerard Szatvanyi, CEO at OSF Digital, comments on the company’s partnership with Tecsys: “As a trusted system integrator and digital transformation company, we take a comprehensive approach to delivering commerce solutions to brands worldwide. Our collaboration with Tecsys allows us to offer the most advanced OMS technology to our customers, thus improving their order fulfillment processes, connecting their store and ecommerce data, obtaining a unified view of their inventory, and helping them succeed with their omnichannel commerce strategy.”

    Expand Best-in-Class Technology Partnerships

    To drive a unified user experience and navigate the unique challenges inherent in modern supply chain environments, Tecsys partners with leading technology providers. By leveraging some of the world’s most innovative and reliable technology leaders, Tecsys equips organizations to interface with their supply chain systems with intuitive and intelligent technology. By widening our community of partners, Tecsys will design and deliver workflows and solutions that increase productivity, preserve data integrity and create exceptional outcomes for our customers.

    “Terso Solutions provides the RFID-devices, software, services, analytics and solutions to intelligently connect people, assets and data. Our partnership with Tecsys means that their best-in-class logistics solutions are supported by equally impactful healthcare technologies needed to optimize inventory management and make business-critical decisions. It’s a partnership we greatly value and look forward to continuing towards a future of automation and full visibility.”

    Overall, Tecsys’ partner program is designed to nurture business relationships built on trust, create shared competitive advantage, and deliver business performance. The program underscores and leverages the differentiated value that partners offer and creates a framework to yield superior results.

    To learn more about Tecsys partnership and the partner program, please contact Tecsys at

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