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    Consolidated Service Center


    Take control of your supply chain and transform your health system into a transparent, efficient and optimized supply chain network.


    Trusted by healthcare leaders

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    Maximize efficiency and control across your network

    Tecsys transforms healthcare supply chains with seamless, centralized control from source to patient. Start your journey to process optimization and cost reduction with our all-in-one platform, from purchasing and receiving through to distribution and consumption. Assess your potential savings today with our ROI calculator. 

    Discover why world-class healthcare supply chains run on Tecsys

    Empower your organization with Tecsys’ industry-leading supply chain solutions that supports modern healthcare needs.

    Streamlined Warehouse Management

    The Tecsys warehouse management system (WMS) provides the technology backbone required to achieve inventory management and controls across your entire network. A WMS enables standardization, system-directed processes and total visibility of inventory to reduce spending and improve service levels with just-in-time delivery of supplies for uninterrupted patient care with the right medication, supplies and clinical instruments.

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    Improved Distribution

    From receiving on your dock to just-in-time delivery at the patient bedside and every stage in between, it is critical that you efficiently deliver supplies and packages exactly when they are needed. Centralize distribution activities and assist your team with guided workflows, making the best use of your team’s time.

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    Complete Inventory Tracking

    Tecsys’ intuitive delivery management applications enable you to understand where every package, asset and resource is at all times. With Tecsys, you’ll gain chain-of-command visibility, security and reliability throughout your health system’s delivery network and the tools to optimize and evolve your logistics activities as your hospital or health system requires.

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    Elevated Supply Chain Insights

    Gain business intelligence and analysis tools that make it easier to monitor and improve ongoing supply chain performance, reduce costs, recover clinical time and provide value for patients. Tecsys’ solutions give hospital managers and administrators extensive, accurate utilization and cost data, empowering them to make confident business decisions.

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    Collaborative Demand Planning

    Tecsys’ time-phased resupply processes are supported by quantitative and qualitative forecasting, providing planners and buyers with the tools they need to reduce stock-outs and ensure optimum inventory levels.

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    Enhanced Clinical Processes

    Integrate supply chain processes, tools and technologies into the clinical and procedural care setting to manage inventory and capture product utilization. Tecsys’ solutions give providers access to accurate case-costing data in order to obtain a true understanding of product usage, perform comparative effectiveness and uncover opportunities to lower costs without reducing quality of care.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    We looked at the top three enterprise software suppliers and could not find a warehouse management system that could meet our needs. Tecsys’ system is a proven product for healthcare. It is a very good fit for our needs and works hand in hand with our materials management and clinical systems. It is easy-to-use and it is helping us maximize the efficiency and cost savings in delivering quality service for patient care.

    - Mike Switzer, Corporate Supply Chain Officer of NMHS