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    Elite™ Healthcare Analytics


    Gain actionable insights into your supply chain performance and case costing. Our solution empowers you with accurate utilization data and analytics tools to enable change and cost savings.


    Trusted by healthcare leaders

    Providing world-class health systems and hospitals'
    supply chain business intelligence

    Industry-leading Elite™ Healthcare Analytics equips you with accurate data to manage your inventory and sustain operations.

    Monitor Performance Management

    Elite™ Healthcare Analytics gives hospital managers extensive, accurate utilization data, as well as the tools to analyze and act on supply chain business intelligence and key metrics.

    Obtain Accurate Case Costing Data

    Case costing dashboards through Elite™ Healthcare Analytics helps you analyze trends in your service lines and procedures such as consumption, cost and waste to identify savings opportunities at the procedure, physician and item level.

    Achieve Intelligent Visibility of Your Supply Chain

    Clear visibility across the supply chain is fundamental to managing any healthcare supply chain operation. This requires access to actionable information to help you make both tactical and strategic decisions.


    Assess your potential cost savings

    The Healthcare Supply Chain ROI Savings Calculator factors your organization's operational expenses and current technology adoption details to estimate your potential savings based on health systems similar to yours. 

    • Start your savings journey with a high-level ROI assessment. 
    • Generate a personalized report with real-world examples. 
    • Define gains according to your level of maturity. 
    • Run multiple scenarios to understand potential gains accurately. 
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    Elevate your supply chain performance management

    Elite™ Healthcare Analytics make it easy to proactively monitor your supply chain on an ongoing basis, manage your inventory to reduce costs and recover clinical time.

    • Monitor ROI to track your financial gains, manage effectiveness and identify savings opportunities.
    • Gain a better understanding of inventory reduction by stock types and identify where to optimize on-hand inventory and balance replenishment.
    • Manage expiration and lost products to identify supply waste and make improvements.
    • Document case capture and supply to monitor charge capture compliance and track case costing trends.

    Prepare for sustainable cost control and improve operating margins

    Gain access to accurate case costing dashboards in order to obtain a true understanding of product usage, perform comparative effectiveness and uncover opportunities to lower costs without reducing quality of care.

    • Evaluate case costing trends and high-cost procedures to optimize product utilization and manage evidence-based PPI standardization. 
    • Analyze clinical procedures to identify the outliers based on case volume and items truly used vs. wasted.
    • Obtain insight on the preference cards that need to be evaluated and optimized based on items added, unused, returned or lost to indicate items that need revision.
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    Make confident business decisions with supply chain visibility

    Attain timely, trustworthy and accessible supply chain information with Elite™ Healthcare Analytics to not only manage your organizational performance, but to drive your healthcare operations forward.

    • Make tactical decisions about inventory levels, order movement or handling inefficiencies.
    • Make strategic decisions about dropping an underperforming product line and/or refocusing capital resources into more productive areas.
    • Gain clear and immediate insights into your organizational data assets with pre-packaged business intelligence tools and services.
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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    Through point-of-use scanning, the nurse is able to accurately record supplies consumed in the case, and then the Tecsys product sends the appropriate information to our electronic health record and to our ERP (financial) system. This data can be captured to help us optimize our preference cards and be accurate on items needed on all subsequent cases.

    - Betty Jo Rocchio, Senior Vice President, System Chief Nursing Officer