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    Elite™ Pharmacy Inventory Management


    A connected pharmacy inventory management supply chain system will help you achieve efficiency, control and quality care.


    Navigate DSCSA Compliance with Confidence


    Discover how the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will impact your supply chain. With a focus on smaller-scale distributors and pharmacies, this is your strategic toolkit for compliance.


    Discover how to secure control of your
    pharmacy inventory management

    A pharmacy inventory management system (PIMS) helps integrate pharmaceuticals into the broader healthcare product supply chain to gain global visibility and drive informed decision-making.

    Gain Inventory Clarity

    Increase visibility into all pharmacy inventory locations — from a centralized pharmacy to within a hospital setting and to the point of consumption — while consolidating demand and automating purchasing throughout the organization.

    Maximize Efficiency

    Streamline pharmacy-related tasks, reduce medication waste and control overall pharmacy supply chain costs through centralized order processing and inventory management.

    Enhance Clinical Outcomes

    Meet DSCSA track-and-trace compliance and unburden pharmacists with logistics tasks so they can engage in more clinical activities that improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions.

    Simplify Data Management

    Establish a single point of entry to all pharmacy supply chain transactions and databases to obtain a complete demand picture.

    Optimize Your 340B

    Improve the management of medication reimbursements and capture all applicable information required for the federal government’s 340B drug discount pricing program.


    Multi-platform visibility across the entire system

    View medication in transit or stored inside automation technologies such as carousels and dispensing cabinets. 

    • Manage inventory that is common to both supply chain and pharmacy with central warehousing and storage.
    • Keep track of drugs that require temperature-controlled environments (e.g., refrigeration).
    • Enable a quick response to supply issues and stockouts. 
    • Increase stock turns to reduce inventory carrying costs and the risk of expired products.

    Implement a streamlined procurement process 

    Integrate pharmacy workflows to relieve pharmacists from logistical tasks and provide quality patient care.

    • Manage and improve the complex pharmaceutical pricing and purchasing processes.
    • Reduce mismanagement and discarding of expired medications. 
    • Enhance pharmacy workflows with less time-consuming manual tasks. 
    • Streamline the compounding production process and preparation of service kits.
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    Control end-to-end pharmacy inventory management 

    Achieve a connected supply chain system that focuses on integrated traceability capabilities.

    • Improve quality control of packaging operations to ensure accurate drug delivery.
    • Maximize savings for eligible prescriptions through the 340B Drug Pricing Program.
    • Use a track and trace platform to efficiently monitor lot number and expiration dates.
    • Reduce pharmacist's involvement in packaging operations.
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    Enable greater process efficiencies for more accurate ordering

    Connect your pharmaceutical distribution management system to recover avoidable expenses sustained in product mismanagement.

    • Ensure a seamless information flow by interfacing with key operational systems and databases.
    • Preserve accuracy and timeliness through the management of medication dispensation.
    • Use data analytics to determine surges for certain products.
    • Perform predictive modeling based on seasonal purchases.
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    Start your journey toward true DSCSA compliance

    Address the needs of supply chain distributors, specifically in the pharmaceutical and healthcare setting.

    • Ensure safety and legitimacy standards are met for all products.
    • Manage one single system vs. multiple systems running at the same time.
    • Achieve out-of-the-box compliance with no additional integrations required.  
    • Maintain trust with trading partners upstream and customers downstream.

    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    It’s really clear that there are synergies between supply chain and pharmacy, particularly with respect to inventory control that you really want to leverage. And the nice thing that Tecsys brings specifically to Parkview is a confidence in the system.

    - Chris Jellison, Vice President, Pharmacy at Parkview Health