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    Elite™ Analytics


    Attain the business insights you need to unlock your operational blind spots. Our analytics solution empowers you with accurate data to make smarter business decisions.


    Intelligent visibility of your supply chain for actionable insights

    With Elite™ Analytics you will secure clear and immediate insight into your organizational data assets in order to make informed decisions.

    Gain a Single Point of Truth

    Elite™ Analytics offers you a system of record for your data and analytics. Access and measure performance across your entire supply chain with real-time, holistic and transparent information from all of your connected entities, systems and data.

    Make Informed and Timely Decisions

    Leverage more than 200 prebuilt reports, analyses and queries with Elite™ Analytics. You can explore and access data in real time and on the go with your smartphone.

    Manage Performance

    Elite™ Analytics will help you compare actual performance to KPIs, identify new opportunities and uncover unexpected challenges. Easily generate reports and sophisticated dashboards to make informed and strategic operational decisions.

    Onboard Rapidly

    Elite™ Analytics is integrated with the rest of Tecsys’ Elite™ Enterprise solutions, making it easy for you to onboard and train users. New staff can be up and running in a few hours.

    Trusted by distribution leaders

    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    Data is at the core of everything we do. Metrics define what it is we do for clients. When you compare us to our competition, I believe we do a lot more with automation and technology than other comparably sized companies. They are not utilizing the kinds of solutions that we’ve collaborated on so successfully with Tecsys.

    - Thomas Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer, Capacity LLC