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    Supply Chain


    Bring inventory processes, tools and technologies into your clinical and procedural care settings to manage costs, enable standardization, capture product utilization and achieve end-to-end supply chain clarity and control.


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    Streamline logistics and supply utilization

    Tecsys makes it easier than ever to manage your health network's inventory in real-time, freeing your clinical teams to prioritize patient care. See the savings you could achieve by using our healthcare ROI calculator today.

    Supply chain clarity that transforms the clinical setting

    Break down organizational silos to improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of care.

    Gain Inventory Visibility

    Tecsys enhances the quality and availability of inventory information, helping to prevent product expiration, reduce product loss and support regulatory compliance. Tecsys also provides visibility into the inventory that vendors store inside your facility, reducing the need for time-consuming manual intervention and giving you vital insights into consumption levels by product.

    How it works
    Optimize Replenishment

    Optimize your supply replenishment processes with PAR count, two-bin kanban and perpetual inventory management solutions. Through automation, RFID, barcode and mobile technologies, Tecsys enables orderly storage supply areas where staff can easily find what they need.

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    Manage Point-of-Use Consumption

    Track products requiring item-level traceability from receipt into inventory to utilization for a patient. Our solutions automate the management of critical specialty items used in any procedural areas to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and provide real-time tracking of product movement and usage across the front line of service.

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    Automate Case Management

    With Tecsys, you’re empowered to improve clinical workflows, capture UDIs effortlessly and eliminate duplicated effort, helping to prevent patient case delays and cancellations, reduce the risk of errors and accurately close the case-costing loop. Our system contributes to per-procedure and per-physician costing insights, standardization of physician preference items and fact-driven preference card optimization.

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    Elevate Your Supply Chain Insights

    Tecsys’ business intelligence and analytics tools make it easy to monitor and improve ongoing supply chain performance, enabling you to reduce costs, recover clinical time and provide greater value for your patients. Tecsys’ applications give hospital managers and administrators extensive, accurate utilization and cost data, empowering them to make confident business decisions.

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    Control Inbound Hospital Deliveries

    Reduce risk of error and produce smoother workflows at the hospital receiving dock with a single point of entry for all deliveries; medical supplies, specialty items, time-sensitive goods, courier packages… everything! Our Elite™ Healthcare Hospital Receiving application allows for coordinated distribution to easily manage items in all locations throughout the hospital. Health systems can alleviate the inefficiencies and complications of product movement from the moment an item or package is delivered at the receiving dock to its final destination with complete chain of custody tracking.

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    Grow from good to great with Tecsys

    We need to start managing cost per case in the OR where we know the cost of the products as the surgeon selects them. The Tecsys OR inventory management solution does that for us — we know the cost of every single item in the OR. It enables the surgeon to make a decision that supports high quality care while being sensitive to the limitations on resources to which we are managing.

    - Betty Jo Rocchio, Senior Vice President, System Chief Nursing Officer